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This page is about the guild. For the former pantheon, see Pantheon of Greed.

Greetings from Regent Hyden121 and welcome to the most important guild in all of GodVille. This page is dedicated to all of the men and women of GodVille who understand that true power does not always come from sheer might; but those who can buy the mightiest of Heroes. Greed is not just for money and power like many people think. The Greed Guild is for those who are never satisfied with life and want more. They want more money, more companionship, more power, and just plain more!

This life is way to short to settle for anything less. The Greed Guild is dedicated to seeing to the success of its members and helping them suck the marrow out of life. We never sleep, we never die because our love for greed is our food and our love for acquiring more becomes our drink. We have been here since the beginning and we will be here in the end. This is how we flex our power. We use strength, money, and democracy to govern our affairs and live by the strict rule that more is better and money can always buy you "more". If money cannot buy it, it's probably not worth having...