Great Divider

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Great Divider
Aftermath of an encounter with a Great Divider, as seen, the monster has tried to divide the hero by 0
Strong Monster
Class Mathematical aberration
Habitat Not where you would expect it.
Description The nightmare of every scientist.

The Great Divider is a monster often found lurking between objects and finding great pleasure in scaring the wits out of unaware heroes, forgetting they never had any.

Still, this creature has managed to keep it's appearance frustratingly unknown, as heroes are always reluctant to share the details of the encounter with public officials and their gods.

However, one lucky god managed to catch their hero in an encounter with such a monster, recounting that "that beast lurked between the great divide of a former victim's rib cage, and as if seemingly with witchcraft, the skeleton began to reassemble itself, neatly dividing my dear hero's heart into two with a single, empty glance.

It also fixed his bladder problems before his corpse crumpled upon the ground, in a final division of life and death." The god later wrote that he was too appalled to stick behind, as he was so greatly disturbed.

Doctors have later through clairvoyant practices divined that the medical uses of this entity is numerous, as a remedy for bladder, liver, and brain problems. The fact is still highly debated.