Grand Theft Automaton

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Monsters of Godville
Grand Theft Automaton
Grand Theft Automaton.jpg
Class Hulking Automaton
Habitat Oil fields and junkyards
Description Massive, towering, and rusty automaton

The Grand Theft Automaton is a sneaky, hulking metal monster that will steal any hero blind. The GTA preys solely on heroes, as they are the only race that is too oblivious to hear the creaking, rusted behemoth tiptoeing up behind them. Also, it's personal.

Once, a GTA was innocently reposing on the grass, when a band of heroes ignorantly jumped on it, thinking it to be a junk yard, and stripped it down despite the beast's heart wrenching cries for mercy. The heroes quickly auctioned off the parts to traders, who then gave the pieces ridiculous names and sold them to other gullible heroes as armor.

Now the rest of the GTA are searching the land high and wide, and attempting to recover all the pieces so that they can rebuild their brother. They will often scream a terrifying motto when surprising heroes from behind, and many will remember the blood-curdling cry of "For Rusty!" in their nightmares.



  • Made of metal
  • Sneaky (only to heroes)
  • Has an inspiring cry for itself
  • Has justice on it's side


  • Very rusty and slow
  • Aging circuitry will sometimes spritz out
  • Gets distracted by watching the movie, "The Iron Giant", and will shed tears, allowing the hero to escape
  • Will accept WD-40 to spare a hero's life