Gore-to-Gore Salesman

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Monsters of Godville
Gore-to-Gore Salesman
Smile, to sell myself first
Class Salesman
Habitat hero battle leftovers
Description Beware sales pitch

There comes a time where every man goes out in the world and finds himself a career. Sometimes this task is so difficult that the stress breaks them, and they give up, grabbing the first job that is available no matter how strenuous or annoying that job may be. This includes salesmen.

In Godville the ridiculous amount of door to door salesmen made our job seeker's heart sink and that's when he saw an opening as a gore to gore salesmen.

This job includes going up to heroes after the glorious and gory battles and bugging them about overpriced divine communication plans, poorly made but expensive weapon, and off brand pet supplies.

Sometimes if the hero declines his services he will leave, but when his sale quota is not what it should be he will do what needs to be done to keep his hard found job even if it means making the hero spend his newly plundered wealth by force.



  • Has an arsenal of cheaply made weapons
  • Hero is usually mentally drained after his sales pitch
  • Can distract pets with off brand treats


  • His weapons are cheaply made and easily broken
  • Hero might go into a rage after his sales pitch
  • Pets might attack him to get his treats