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"Wood you like one?"

Gopher Wood, also known as Logs, Ark Wood or simply Wood,[1] is a rare and expensive type of timber, collected by heroes who have completed their temple, and which is used to build arks. The reason this kind of wood, rather than regular wood, is used is due to heroes' gullibility. Ancient manuscripts of questionable reliability dictate that ordinary wood is unsuitable for an ark. It is widely suspected that this was in fact written to help keep heroes out of town longer, or an example of successful early propaganda by the powerful gopherwood logging cartel.

There are multiple ways to collect these rare logs:

  1. Upon returning to their temple, heroes may find that a log has been left there as a gift or donation.
  2. Upon completing an epic quest, heroes may be rewarded with one to seven logs.
  3. Upon completing a side job, heroes may be rewarded with one to three logs.
  4. Upon discovering the treasury of a dungeon, heroes may find one or two logs.
  5. Upon winning a match in the senior arena, heroes may be rewarded with one log.
  6. Upon returning a wanted monster, may be rewarded with one log.
  7. Upon activating a Golden pumpkin, heroes may find one log.
  8. Upon fishing completion, occasionally a log may be caught.
  9. Upon trading in Godville, a lottery ticket may sometimes be bought & result in winning a log.
  10. Upon activating some sailing booty, there may be a log within.
!The hero of a happy god
I stopped by the temple and found a piece of gopher wood tied with a beautiful ribbon. The donor wished to remain anonymous.

It takes 1,000 logs to complete an ark and earn the Ark Owner medal, as well as the Shipwright, 1st rank achievement. As heroes get closer to this goal, they climb up the ranks of the Pantheon of Arkeology. Unlike golden bricks, a hero can continue to collect logs for themselves to buff their ark, with every additional 1,000 logs adding to the ark's maximum health. More information can be found in the Sailing article.

Notes & References

  1. Not to be confused with the Gopher wood brick or the Wooden brick artifacts.
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