Good Night Knight

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Good Night Knight
Champion of the God: Is Watching You
Personality: Present
Gender: Male
Level: 17
Motto: "This won't end well."
Guild: Blue Feather
Guild Rank: Secret Member
Guild Position: Upright
Wins / Losses: 0 / 0
Temple Completion Date: [Construction Zone]
Pet Type: Nope
Pet Name: N/A
Pet Level: N/A
Pet Healing Count: N/A
Favorite Town: 0
Largest Ever Gold: 26,350
Most Hated Monster: Late Knight
Personal Rival: Himself

Good Night Knight hails from the world of Andara. Specifically from the grand city of mystics, known as Eorieon. He wasn't always a good knight. In fact he wasn't always a knight. He began his life roaming the streets of Eorieon, looking for trouble. Trouble amongst the rival initiate mages and their constant competition for success.

There's more, I promise.

- [ The end ] -