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Artifacts of Godville
Golden parachute
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Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

A golden parachute is a normal artifact on Godville for your hero to find.


The head of a family of very rich circumstances once came up with an idea to commemorate his success in the world of tourism[1]. The man called up his wife, children, extended family, friends, customers, and half of the local town to go on a skydiving trip with him. He then deviously had all of the many parachutes he needed covered in pure gold by a poor blacksmith.

When the few hundred or so attendees showed up and put on their deceptively light parachutes, only the rich man man himself was wearing a parachute that was light enough to bear weight.

On the count of three, all the others jumped at once from a high mountain and plummeted to their doom, the heavy golden parachutes unable to lift their bodies.

According to a diary , recovered from a vultures innards, the rich man who orchestrated the plot starved to death while looting the bodies, and after a long while, those thousands of parachutes were picked up by monsters as they buried the bodies.


This is a really valuous artifact, traders will pay you well for a backpack literally full of gold. That is, if you manage to clean the red stains as well as any other imperfection that may discourage traders from buying it.

  1. ↑ a system in which he would refer the heroes nearby taverns and monsters and drop by later to collect the loot from their intoxicated/dead bodies.