Golden eye

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Artifacts of Godville
Golden eye
Type 💎Bold
Description It see through your soul...

This ancient item was found as is deep within the city of Los Demonos. Legend has it that there was once an evil God who sought to wreak havoc on all of Godville and used his hero as his pawn in doing so. The hero gladly obeyed every word of his God. I mean, he's God.

But then, the God asked him to take over his home city of Herolantis. The hero knew then how much evil he had done and disobeyed his God. He challenged his God to a fight. It was the most intense fight in Godville history. But only one survived deep in the city.

It is said that the hero killed his God, but at the last minute he greated a huge earthquake that sunk the city of Herolantis. After the lone survivor crawled out of Herolantis, he noticed it was completely underground. He found the Golden eye sitting on the ground.

He swore that this was the eye of the evil God and named what was left of the city after the hero who killed his God. He also swore that this eye had power and wished to get on top of another God's temple so he could take over that hero and Godville. From then on, heroes were encouraged to ignore their God's for the most part.

Although it would look totally sick on top of a temple, and we don't know if that guy actually knew what he was talking about, it is encouraged that all heroes sell it just so we dont risk that happening again.