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Artifacts of Godville
Godville particle
Type 💎Bold
Value 200-300
Description Proven true until false.

The Godville particle, also known as the Higgs Bison particle, is a bold artifact theorized on g.e. day 12 and later discovered on g.e. day 13 by the organization CERNtainty. Its discovery was called "monumental" because it confirmed the existence of The great random--the mysterious force that permeates the very essence of Godville. It later explained why some heroes waste an exorbitant amount of gold coins on beer and why some only spend an extortionate amount.

Without the existence of the Godville particle, there would be no explanation of why groups of heroes who fight a monster are given an approximately equal amount of artifacts and gold, yet the heroes that need a particular artifact are not given that artifact. It explains why heroes destroy bold artifacts more than regular artifacts and why some heroes always seem to get stuck with the worst pets.

If the scientists at CERNtainty proved that the Godville particle did not exist, there would be no theory of zpg and the entire world of Godville could have imploded--but only moments after those holding Bertrand's teapot suffered immeasurable pain. Thankfully, its existence was proved by its discovery.

Contrary to popular belief, the Higgs Bison has no greater chance of carrying a Godville particle than any other monster.

The Godville particle sells for about 200-300 coins at a typical town.