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Godville Fire
Fire Logo.jpg
Motto: With Honor and Courage
Alignment: Protective
Date Founded: 12/13/2015, reopened on the 20th of May 2017
Membership Count: 8
Forum Headquarters: Godville Fire
Guild Page: Godville Fire 

Godville Fire is open AGAIN today!

We fight danger wherever it arises. Whether it fire, monsters, or negligent heroes, our duty is to the people of Godville, to protect and guard them from harm. In any emergency, we rise and provide aid, even in peril of our lives. We fulfill our highest purpose, in serving the people who call on us. If your highest regard is protecting your neighbors, then come join us.

Firefighter 3.jpg

Join Us

We hire any hero who has the heart and dedication. When your hero is idle, out of town and not fighting monsters, tell them to join "Godville Fire" guild. They might have to be told several times before listening.

Firefighter Axe.jpg

Godville is a mystical land, and very dangerous. We need fearless heroes to come and serve. In the nature of the Great Random, we have had to adapt and upgrade our professional standards.

Firefighter 2.jpg Firefighter 1.jpg Firefighter 4.jpg

Godville Firefighters have become hardened warriors, honed to deadly efficiency, but instilled with our duty to protect. No longer just fighting fire, we use our trustworthy axes to charge against monsters and foes, and to save imperiled heroes and civilians. We maintain a steady presence in all the towns, but our frequent patrols scour along the milestones to deter any potential threats.

Godville is composed of vast wildlands, and so Godville Fire is constantly out in the country, extinguishing natural fires and fighting encroaching monsters.

In spite of our undertakings to fight monsters, Godville Fire will never be considered or become a military force. We work only to protect life, and we never purposely engage monsters. If they attack, which monsters almost always do, then we will defend and retaliate. Godville Fire is not in the business of conquering, but only of safety and health.

Rescue is our utmost concern, of property, environment, and life. Godville Firefighters will strive to their fullest to safeguard what you, as a citizen of Godville, hold dear. What is valuable to you is the same to us. Whether on the road, in your trade shop, at a tavern, or at your temple, Godville Fire will respond rapidly.

Here is some important cargo that our Firefighters have saved recently.

Firefighter Rescue 1.jpg Firefighter Rescue 2.jpg Firefighter Rescue 4.jpg

Godville Fire loves its kitty cats and puppy dogs! If you do too, then extra bonuses to join!

Disclaimer: Godville Fire also saves humans of course.

Firefighter Rescue 5.jpg

Godville Fire Arsenal

In our efforts to reach more effective service and infallible protection, Godville Fire has become a forerunner in high grade equipment and technology. The land of Godville is huge and dangerous, and to be able to provide our services, our Firefighters have to be fast, agile, strong, and mobile. Added on to our heavy duty bunker gear provided to all firefighters, we have an impressive fleet of vehicles allowing us to move quickly and fight strategically. While not specifically designed to fight monsters, we have found the beasts are often frightened away the sounds of our roaring engines and hard blasts of water. Because of the rural state of Godville, many of these vehicles are off-road and state of the arc, such as our capable Roadster.

Firefighter Vehicle 2.jpg

Sticking to cities and villages, our heavy engines keep a close watch on the taverns and houses, ready to inundate any fire. Here we have the Fire Apparatus and Rosenbauer Engine.

Firefighter Vehicle 3.jpg Rosenbauer.jpg

Godville takes great pride in its air support. The planes and helicopters in our fleet can quickly reach any fires and drop firefighters and retardant against any fires or monsters. A couple tons of water is painful and deadly to have dropped on you, and our air support often uses this method to scare away monsters.

Firefighter Vehicle 5.jpg Firefighter Vehicle 4.jpg

But the pinnacle of our arsenal, is the imposing, all terrain Fire Colossus, a upright, walking beast of a machine. Armed with deadly deterrents against monsters, arms for rescuing heroes and grappling against boss monsters, this steel contraction is what Godville Fire represents: unyielding devotion to the protection of Godville's`people.

We currently only have one, but are working to build one for every Godville city!

Firefighter Vehicle 1.jpg


Right now, we need all the firefighters we can get. Godville Fire has all sorts of different opportunities.

We need:

  • EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians)
  • Hazmat Technicians (For dealing with radioactive and poisonous monsters)
  • Pilots and Drivers (Airplane and Helicopter Pilots, Engine and Rig drivers)
  • Wildland Firefighters (For fighting wildfires and protecting heroes on the road)
  • Forum Flame War Fighters (FFWF, extremely durable firefighters that must extinguish flame wars and calm down the survivors)
  • Department Firefighters (For keeping the cities safe, putting out building fires, and protecting civilians)
  • Chiefs and Commanders (For providing capable leadership in any area)

Godville Fire is handing out promotions now! Each major city and village needs a Fire Commander, and these positions are open to those who apply first and qualify. All the mentioned positions are in great demand, and we need you! Are you willing to step up and receive a job in the Godville Fire guild? We are waiting and eager for you to show up!

Heroes who apply do not have to sacrifice their wandering nomad spirits, their constant questing, and their goal to build a temple. If you join this guild, it means that you are under the protection of an highly organized and dedicated guild. It means that your Firefighting brothers and sisters will always be ready to assist you and defend you. Are you willing to cast in your lot with us and protect us and Godville? Because this guild won't let you down.

Former members

  • GodMiss Staken , Miracle Worker. Proficient in the art of healing, rescue, and repair, her expertise knows no bounds. Her heroine, Miss Name, has been bestowed upon these same qualities, and is a desperately needed addition to our department.
  • GodCommander G Lambert , original founder of the guild, who brought the idea of a fire and rescue institution to Godville. Though life has choosen another way for him, we will always have a compfy chair at the guild halls fire place and a cold beer waiting for him.

A Firefighter's Sacrifice

Firefighter Sacrifice.jpg