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Gods Of Power

This guild started as a self-proclaimed, single member guild. So far, our guildhall is the simple shack Therathalas calls home. But, she will need all the help she can get. All God/Godesses are welcome to join this small, soon-to-be mighty group, and to help Therathalas create a guild (and guildhall) to be reckoned with.


Therathalas was wandering around Godville when she wandered into a guildhall. She noticed a fantastic party with lots of beer. She also noticed some cool rankings and tournaments, and decided that it would be cool to start one of her own. So sometime in the summer of 2015 (she can't quite remember when) the Gods of Power guild was formed.

To find out more about the hero Therathalas and her chronicles, you can click on this link: [1]


Let the Gods of Power Prevail!

- open for suggestions on more interesting mottos.

Guild Logo/Crest

Currently does not exist. Sorry to disappoint.


Be kind to fellow guildmates

No foul language

It does not matter how active you are; in fact, you do not need to be active at all.

You cannot edit the guild page unless you are granted permission

Who can join Gods of Power?

Any hero or heroine is allowed to join Gods of Power. You do not need to be a certain level.

-Note that English speakers will have an easier time in the Guild Council.

Why should I join this guild?

It is true that Gods of Power is not well known in Godville. However, that's why we need you!

There are several benefits to being in a smaller guild. You get to know your fellow guildmates better than in a large guild. Heroes prefer to stay in smaller guilds. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve the guild, it will take less time to be considered, than if Gods of Power was a large guild.

Guild members can also get special bonuses in cities. For example: faster healing, gold or items. However, they depend on your guild rank, your contribution in promoting the guild, and the guild popularity in that certain town.

How do I join a guild?

Any hero above level 12 has the ability to join a guild. If you want to join this guild, all you have to do is say join "Gods of Power" guild with your godvoice. You need to have the quotation marks, and to spell the name of the guild correctly!!!

Thank you so much for checking out the guild page. I sincerely hope you will consider joining the guild. I wish you luck in your quests! -Goddess Coolbp5