Gods of Olympus

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Gods of Olympus
Motto: Gods are good but Greek is better!
Alignment: Both ae accept all Alignments, remember we have to look after hell too!
Date Founded: 1000000000 etc bh (before hercules)
Membership Count: 1
Pantheon of unity Rank: N/A
Pantheon of popularity Rank: N/A
Pantheon of duelery Rank: N/A
Forum Headquarters: Gods of Olympus
Guild Page: Gods of Olympus 
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Data current as of August 21st, 2013


Hey, this is the Gods of Olympus GodWiki page. No one is home right now to take your call, (still putting on the finishing touches) but feel free to invite our founder, GodZeus the King  (all hail!) and he'll either smite you (kidding, probably) or be right with you to answer any questions you may have.

What's this? You say "What is this place? It's all Greek to me?" Correct. It's Greek, all right. But it's also Godville, and that means we may be based in legend, but we are also based in Godville. As such, we can do what we please with out on mythology, thanks much. If that sounds like fun, great! The council is still taking on new gods all the time, we have quests, lots of pubs, a seven star hotel.

We have space for some more founder Gods and Goddess', we are looking for eleven other founder Gods who will all get a place on the Olympian council. Feel free to contact GodZeus the King  for more details, when you join i will give you a selection of Greek Gods to choose from and this will be your persona whilst in the guild. The forum is updated regularly, and i will try to add more info to this page too!

Join us in Awesomeness (How to)

If you're in the mood for a little cross-cultural, cross-era adventure, you can order your (level 12 or above- ride not rated for younger heroes) minion to go forth, and:

Join the "Gods of Olympus" guild, or your mortal life has no purpose!

...Or something less dramatic, if you really want. Just... copy-paste the fancy text and be sure that's going to work even if they don't always listen at first. They'll hear you if on a quest (not done with one, not canceled, but ON one only), traveling outside of town, and not fighting a monster for dear life.

Guild privilages

Of course the guild comes with many privilages. Once a week we hold an Olympian council on the forum, of course not all Gods will be able to attend, this decides in which direction the Gods are going to and what we are going to do next. The guild comes with a hotel for those times when your to drunk to walk home. Many pubs to make you to drunk to walk home. A large hospital (remember the greeks *invented* medicine) to pick you up dust you off and get you ready to get back out there fighting all manners of greek monsters in our personal guild quests! Finally there is also a courtroom where all inter guild disputes and fights can be settled. Those who are part of the guild may be asked to judge or jury for a dispute and decide the outcome!