Gods of Creation

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In the beginning there was a spark. It's orange vibrant light projected out to the deepest, darkest, and unexplored parts of the universe. This spark glowed for days, emitting high quantities of wisdom and supernatural powers. At the time only a single being existed in the universe who roamed freely amongst the emptiness of space. The actual name of this being has yet been discovered, but His actions will always be remembered. It has been said that this being contained great power but lacked sufficient knowledge to create other beings as powerful as Himself, at least until He saw the spark of light. At first glance He assumed it was the birth or illuminated death of another star out in the distance of space. But the days passed and the light only continued to shine and emit and aura around its light. Now this soon to be discovered spark peaked the interest of this unknown being. He came to the conclusion that seeing this object unknown to Him could be of some benefit.

As He approached the spark, He begun to hear quiescent, assiduous whispers. Some of which would be emitted as a glorified and enlightened voice, others which came across as deep creaky voices. He, braver than He has ever been before, reached the center of the mysterious light. He seemed confused to see an object that was unique and unlike anything on the entire universe. Curiosity now grew upon the being. As He reached out to grab this object, the sphere slowly begun to dissolve and enter into the palm of His hand. The bright yellow sphere was now a dust running through every vain in His body. He could feel a burn run through every bone, His soul screaming in regret as everything began to become bright blurry. Then all went dark.

. He woke up to find himself in the middle of darkness, the universe had once again become a dark place. Now though, He felt warm and tingly on the inside. His knowledge seemed to have sharply increased beyond what He could have ever imagined. He could now, not only see an object as what it was, but also of what it consisted of. Every detail was revealed and His now greater knowledge only began to grow. Now He could feel everything around him as if it was a part of himself, the empty space seemed to have many more things than He could have ever explored in a millennium. With knowledge of everything in the universe, now He saw a clear picture. He saw a potential of creating others like him and if not, greater than himself. He began to experiment on rocks and other asteroids that floated freely, trying to give them some characteristics similar to His own. Once He would successfully make an asteroid to his likely-ness, He would destroy it and start over to gain practice and more knowledge. Once He seemed to have mastered this trait he wanted to take a leap no other would have though of, to create a being as powerful as Himself. Creating thus gods of extraordinary power.

He created four gods, all of which where different from the other. Gods that where similar to Him, immortal, powerful, and possessing the ability to enter both a physical and spiritual like form. He explained to them that He was greater than them in strength, wisdom, and knowledge. The only difference is that He had an end, an end that was near. He left them the task to make sure that they took the lonely universe of which they were in, and give it a vibrant effect, full of all sorts of like forms both mortal and inmortal. That without it, life would have no meaning and things would once again be dull. These four Gods agreed to take the task of which they were bestowed upon. All though they knew that He was mortal, they had the highest of respect for Him there has ever existed and where happy to obey. Eventually the time for their master had come. They nor He knew what would happen at His death for they had never before seen a death. As a matter of fact, it would be the first one ever in the universe. But even though it would be the first, it didn't mean that every death after would be the same. His death was unlike any other death since.

As He took his last breath, everything around him began to shine. He was gradually becoming brighter and brighter until nothing but light was left visible. Even the four immoral gods could not see through the light. After a few short seconds, the light began to die down and as its glow faded away, there on the spot where He died was "The Spark". It was the same one He had found in the very beginning only dimmer and unseeable form the distance. These four gods new nothing of it, they only knew that there, in that very spot, laid once their master. Just like their master, they wondered what that orb of light was. They felt what seemed to be the presence of their masters will. To them it became a symbol of life, beginning, and power. Around it they would feel like they where in the presence of their master and that their power grew stronger, almost to the extent of their master. Now they felt they could transmit their power to beyond their reach, beyond what was visible in sight. Thus, the four gods gathered around The Spark and began to create life as we know it today. This, what has been told today, is the legend of The Gods of Creation. This is why we the people have made this guild. To worship the beginning of it all.