Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy

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Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy
Alignment: Diplomatic
Founded: 13 June
Founder: GodDiplosina 
Forum Page: Just click on here!
Last edited on: 08/22/2018, by Dipleclipse


The Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy is a project of various members of different guilds that want to promote friendship and camaraderie between all people of godville while offering fun games and contests for everyone to enjoy!

What We Do

  • Come up with acronyms and stupidly long titles;
  • Abbreviate said stupidly long titles into proper words;
  • Host contests;
  • Help other guilds;
  • Travel to dead guilds and investigate if they're really dead;
  • Guild eulogies;
  • ... what else?

    Our Members

    GodDiplosina  (BEAR) — Founder of this guild, as in actually started the quest to found it, but then forgot to check up on her hero who left. Whoops...

    GodDiplonito  (DUMB — Diplomat of Unprecedented Mental Brightness) — Former ambassador in another guild who decided to take a dive into the world of diplomacy and now is in charge of the soon-to-come forum thread!

    GodDiplodemon  (DEMON — Demonic Emissary Mediating Otherworldly Nonsense) — Demonic ambassador sent by Lord Azaroth to represent the demons in diplomatic missions.

    GodDiplolexot  (PIE — Person Is English) — "Hwy, ai mek a loft of taipos!"

    GodDipleclipse  (ECLIPSE — Excessively Cringy Lowly Idiotly Person Sans Empathy) — Slacker who draws suggestive shapes on legal papers instead of filling them. Somehow is in charge of the wiki page. Now accepts bribery!

    Worth of Remembrance

    GodDiplocat  (CAT — Cassias Are Trash) — Decided to keep track of everyone's brainstorming and created a Discord Group to spare the burden of logging in. Sadly, now banned, but legends say the ghost of her is still around on Discord.

    GodGleneye  — The only main account who decided to join us of his free own will.

    Recruitment Brochure

    If you want to see what's behind the scenes of what we make public — you should join us!

    To do this, you simply need to tell your hero: Join "Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy" guild.

    You may need to repeat this to your hero if he/she doesn't listen to you. Once the quest to join this guild starts; the hero will take about 2 days to complete it on his own.1

    1: You may speed it up, by simply telling: Complete quest faster. Of course you may need to repeat this, too.

    Fine Print

    The Godly Union of Interguild Leadership and Diplomacy is not liable for any deaths by papercuts or any other means the hero may suffer while filling out the forms necessary for enrolment.