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Welcome to the source of all Godville information.

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Don't know where to get started? The Godwiki Guidebook will help you get oriented, and then you can take a look at the Creators Manual and various Guidelines for advice on creating great GodWiki content.

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!Featured Articleโ†ป



A lot of dungeons supervised by an Adminotaur tend to obtain better results than others in key performance indicators of economics, adventurer extermination and cleanliness.

Records show that the Adminotaur is as smart and cunning as a demon, luring its foes to traps and sweet talking tax collectors. Its power is not to be underestimated either, since he can easily wipe a full team of trained heroes by itself, or torture them to the brink of death by inhuman means like chaining the heroic adventurers just a few centimeters away from a tank of delicious beer.

On a side note, it's rumored that his administrative efficiency and listening talents often get the Adminotaur positive performance reviews from co-workers and underlings โ€” except for those that make the mistake of angering this normally calm boss monster, according to the only Adminotaur diary found.

!Did you know...โ†ป

*...that you can easily get a free item everyday?

  • ...that ark's owners can release an unwanted pet?
  • ...that you can vote for next day Daily Forecast?
  • ...that there are monsters for your heroine to collect?
  • ...that each town have its specificities?
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You will be logged in automatically if your hero has reached level 15. Your divine name shall be written at the top or bottom of the page. If that did not happen, try checking on your hero or heroine again and then open this page. There is no need to register separately for access to the wiki.

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