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This is an expansion of the {{Ideabox votes}} template which simulates how the Ideabox looks like in the web/desktop version. This is purely an aesthetic thing and the current template is not broken and doesn't need to be fixed. It is currently in Zoombie's Sandbox. You can see it in action here.


  • Integrated idea text and any additional comments with the votes box. Current template does not have the idea text integrated to the template. It only displays the votes. Handy for those who use a table and want to keep a minimalist look. This expansion proposes an all-in-one solution that removes the need for a table but takes up a lot more space.
  • Stringent test on arguments being passed on the parameters. It will only show numbers on the appropriate fields so passing any other character there will not break the format (i.e. If the user puts |yes = a, it will not show a yes. It will show 0 yes. Same for punctuation marks.).


Copy-paste the following and replace the comments (everything after the =) with your content:

{{User:Zoombie/Template Practice
| yes = <!-- yes votes -->
| no = <!-- no votes -->
|dupe = <!-- dupes -->
| er = <!-- er votes -->
| text = <!-- your idea text -->
| comment = <!-- any comments you have -->

!Important: Include <nowiki></nowiki> when passing an argument to text for ideas with bracketed ideabox variables (specifically gender variations) for it to render properly.

Example: | text = <nowiki>Saw %random_friend% chasing h{is||er} loot bag that was chasing %a_random_monster%. Did I eat something bad?</nowiki>


  • Simulate the look of the Ideabox using CSS and HTML Tick.png Done
  • Put everything in a template with parameters for yes votes, no votes, dupes, er votes, text, and comments Tick.png Done
  • Put in checks to verify that the correct arguments are being passed and to make sure that incorrect characters do not show up Tick.png Done
  • Add the status parameter to generate what the Ideabox looks like when ideas are accepted, rejected, or in review. Cross.png Not done
  • (Optional) Add a dark mode Cross.png Not done
  • Migrate the template out of User Sandbox so anyone can edit it. Cross.png Not done
  • Integrate this as a format of {{Ideabox votes}}. Cross.png Not done

Simulation of the look

Dark mode:

34 dupes
54 in ER
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce molestie enim at velit consectetur, sit amet accumsan turpis venenatis. Etiam purus lectus, volutpat vel enim et, faucibus consequat ligula. Sed auctor congue eleifend. Curabitur a laoreet est, at varius tortor. Nam congue metus enim, ut mollis tortor imperdiet vel. Suspendisse vitae auctor lacus, non luctus urna. Integer sit amet metus sit amet tellus tristique varius sit amet id felis. Morbi elementum maximus justo non eleifend. Duis ornare tempor commodo. Sed eu ante congue, dignissim dolor vestibulum, tristique ex. Maecenas quis vestibulum magna. Aliquam eget placerat ligula. Suspendisse sit amet commodo nisl. Vestibulum turpis felis, accumsan faucibus tempor at, auctor at ipsum. Aliquam rutrum volutpat purus, ac sagittis felis fermentum id. Ut pharetra felis a semper ornare.

Light mode:

34 dupes
54 in ER



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