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The objectives of this project are :

  1. Have up-to-date information on which guild is actually active or dead
    1. So every user can open a Guild's Godwiki page and see in a glance if guild is actually active or dead.
    2. We can have statistics on how many guilds are actives and how many guilds have perished.
    3. Recense dead guilds in case deletion of pages happens in Godwiki one day.
    4. Have all the guilds page templated and categorized properly.
  2. Fixing potential errors in the guilds' template.
    1. For example, guild starting with a lower case letter might have incorrect guild's link, redirecting to a 'not known' page instead of the correct Godville's guild page.
  3. Thinking about eventual update/upgrade of {{Guild}} template (which should be done at the corresponding talk page).

How to help

Deities acting through this project SHOULD NOT interfere with the page content as per Rule 2. When in doubt, ask in the Discussion page.

  1. Open a guild page from Category:Guilds (or see table below).
  2. Check if the guild have either the {{Guild}} template or the {{Delete guild}} template.
    1. If there is no template, go to step 3.
    2. If the {{Guild}} template is there, skip to step 4.
    3. If the {{Delete guild}} template is there, it's unlikely the guild would be suddenly alive so you can leave the page as it is. But you can still check if you want.
  3. When editing, add one of the template, then use the "Show preview" button.
  4. Open the link of the template (preferably in a new window to not lose guild one), and see if it opens a guild page or a "not known" page.
    1. If guild is not known, go to step 5.
    2. If the guild exist, add the {{Guild}} template if it was not there already and save. You're done !
  5. Check how old is the page using "View History".
    1. If page is atleast 5 months old, add the {{Delete guild}} template.
    2. If the page was created less than 5 months ago, add the {{Guild}} template.
In an "Unknown guild" case, you can check the deity's Godville hero page and/or the Godville's page of one frequent contributor to see if it's a one-man guild or not.
  1. On the navigator open your own hero page.
  2. Replace your deity name in the URL by the deity's name you want to check on.
  3. Check their guild and see if it concordes with the guild page you're editing.


Letter Status Last Done On Notes
0 ✔️ 01/2021
A ✔️ 01/2021
B ✔️ 02/2021
C ✔️ 03/2021
D ✔️ 03/2021
E ✔️ 03/2021
F ✔️ 05/2021
G ✔️ 07/2021
H Never
I ✔️ 05/2021
J ✔️ 04/2021
K ✔️ 06/2021
L ✔️ 06/2021
M Never
N ✔️ 05/2021
O ✔️ 06/2021
P ✔️ 06/2021
Q ✔️ 05/2021
R ✔️ 05/2021
S ✔️ 06/2021
T ✔️ 07/2021
U ✔️ 05/2021
V ✔️ 05/2021
W Never
X ✔️ 04/2021
Y ✔️ 05/2021
Z ✔️ 04/2021
@ ✔️ 05/2021