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A lot files have been uploaded to GodWiki. Some of them are neatly categorized. Many are not. We need to clear this backlog.

How to help

  • Go through uncategorized files. Select one file.
  • Click File usage.
  • Open the link you see under the File usage section.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and look for Category. Remember what was in there.
  • Go back to the file and enter the category or categories you've seen on the page it was used on.

If you do not know how to categorize a page, please take a look at this short guide or feel free to leave a message on the Discussion page. You can also take a look at the complete list of categories available in GodWiki and copy-paste the codes.

Handy list of category codes

Here is a list of categories and the codes you can just copy-paste to help you in categorizing Files:

!Important: If you're using Visual Editor, you just need to type in the Category Name. You don't need to use the codes on the right. For Source Editor, you need to use the Category Code.

For any missing categories on the list, feel free to add them below or tell us about it in the Discussion page. Do keep in mind that not all categories need to be added to the list below.

Category Name Category Code.
Activatable Artifacts [[Category:Activatable Artifacts]]
Amphibians [[Category:Amphibians]]
Arms [[Category:Arms]]
Artifacts [[Category:Artifacts]]
Aura [[Category:Aura]]
Beasties [[Category:Beasties]]
Bodies [[Category:Bodies]]
Bold Artifacts [[Category:Bold Artifacts]]
Boss-Monsters [[Category:Boss-Monsters]]
Combat skills [[Category:Combat skills]]
Dragons [[Category:Dragons]]
Elementals [[Category:Elementals]]
Epic Quests [[Category:Epic Quests]]
Equipment [[Category:Equipment]]
Gameplay [[Category:Gameplay]]
Geography [[Category:Geography]]
Gods [[Category:Gods]]
Guilds [[Category:Guilds]]
Heads [[Category:Heads]]
Healing Artifacts [[Category:Healing Artifacts]]
Heroes [[Category:Heroes]]
Historical [[Category:Historical]]
Legs [[Category:Legs]]
Mini-quests [[Category:Mini-quests]]
Monsters [[Category:Monsters]]
Monsters' Artifacts [[Category:Monsters' Artifacts]]
Pets [[Category:Pets]]
Quests [[Category:Quests]]
Shields [[Category:Shields]]
Skills [[Category:Skills]]
Strong Monsters [[Category:Strong Monsters]]
Talismans [[Cateogry:Talismans]]
Taverns [[Category:Taverns]]
Totem Monsters [[Category:Totem Monsters]]
Towns [[Category:Towns]]
Trade skills [[Category:Trade skills]]
Transportation skills [[Category:Transportation skills]]
Weapons [[Category:Weapons]]