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Monsters of Godville
Ornamentum horto praevaricator
Class Troll
Habitat Gardens and lawns
Description A troll with an appetite for lawn ornaments.

The Gnomebreaker (Ornamentum horto praevaricator) is a monster that ranges in size from the size of a hero to the size of a temple.

It is often red, because it feeds off the garden gnomes and lawn gnomes that it smashes. However, depending on their diet, they can also be blue or spotted. They are sometimes found fishing in ponds, but more often, they are found unsuccessfully trying to sit on toadstools.

This is theorized to be one of the primary causes of the recent decrease in toadstool population.



  • Huge fists that are good for crushing garden gnomes (or unfortunate heroes).
  • Covered in the sharpened heads of lawn gnomes.
  • Very big.


  • Can be rendered docile with toadstools.
  • Pushing it off a cliff will cause it to shatter into pieces.
  • It is quite slow, in both senses of the word.