Glance of Kaa

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Skills of Godville
Glance of Kaa
You are under my spell...
Type 💸Trade
Description A single glance will subdue most merchants.

The Glance of Kaa is a Trade skill - hypnosis mixed with charisma.

Kaa was widely known as the greatest trader on the world.

He had everything you needed to buy, from pets to weapons and armor to your daughter. If you had anything to sell, he would take it, revamp it, and sell it for double. People had always wondered how Kaa did it. Was it his good looks? His throng of very large body guards? No, it was all in his eyes. One glance and you'll empty your pockets to him, and walk away with enough gold to buy only half of your dignity back.

When Kaa's secret was found out, people wore sunglasses and blindfolds to counter his glance. It didn't last long before Kaa was left in the dust, poorer than any vagrant on the streets.

So he began teaching his glance to everyone who had a coin. No one knew he was doing this, so their blindfolds and sunglasses were left on the dressers by their beds. Eventually, enough people knew the Glance of Kaa that it was pointless to try to combat it. Now anyone with a coin in their pocket could get whatever they wanted.


Level 1-10

  • Able to coerce small children into going to bed early and not cry (however not those clever enough to wear The Glasses).
  • The Glance of Kaa can be used in combat at this level, but it is risky. The skill is prone to backfiring, in that the hypnotic suggestion to hand over that weapon can result in that weapon being handed over straight into the skill user's kidneys !

Level 11-20

  • Can brainwash old Aunts into not kissing them goodbye.
  • The Glance is more suited to combat at this level, enabling the user to fool the opponent into attacking nearby trees or shrubberies whilst the user sneaks away.

Level 21-30

  • At this level the skill is wonderful for robbery, foolery, tomfoolery, seduction, theft and general bamboozelment.
  • It's at this level that the skill can also really be used in a combat situation, if only to make the opponent feel they should hand over all the gold, loot and weapons, and then also apologise for even having them in the first place!