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Motto: Let's Genesis!
Alignment: bright
Date Founded: June 2011
Membership Count: 97
Town with Greatest Influence: Tradeburg (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 49
Forum Headquarters: Genesis
Guild Page: Genesis 
Data current as of 23 Dec 2012

Guild Master

  • GodDragerion  - Someone who found Lost but Found Chronicles of Genesis?! lying around Godville.

Assistant Guild Masters

  • GodAliaxus  - The first member to step into the "Do Not Enter" Room.
  • GodAstriaCalypso  - Loyal member of Genesis. Likes to sleep in the Meeting Room.
  • GodEntendu  - One of the fastest members in the 50 milestones sprint event.
  • GodGreen-Goddess  - Currently the best in Running Away From 4000 Double Dragons Race.

Patriarch & Matriarch

The Honorable Patriarchs & Matriarchs of Genesis
God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodDragerion  GodFocalor  GodJte8944  GodLuftor 
GodAliaxus  GodAnnoia  GodAlmighty Iceman  GodKarfoogle 
GodThed0c7or  GodEntendu  GodMegalencephaly  GodVelias 
GodGhadzhookz  GodTakeoverTuna  GodDxmachina  GodMelvin the Merciless 
GodDesmonda  GodLunarLisa  GodOverlord Rutger  GodAstriaCalypso 
GodGreen-Goddess  GodAll Mighty Iain  GodAlmighty Dubstep  GodLuxil 
GodSemilia  GodDsgraham 

Guild Bulletin

Headlines Date Summary
Congratulations! 231212 First of all, congratulations on surviving 211212! Also, it seems like 17 of our members had completed their temples! Well done! Please continue to create miracles for the guild!

For the rest, keep up the good work and one day, your temple will be done too!

Happy New Year! 211212 The world didn't end. Yes, some of you might be sad, but life goes on! Let's all start afresh in 2013! Happy New Year, everyone!
211212 Reserved

The Goal for Genesis Guild - December 2012

Stay within the top 30 of unity patheon

What Had Happened Till Now

Not long ago, a demigod was born into the world of Godville. As a demigod, he was bestowed with an ability to communicate with both gods and heroes. He was named Genesis as it symbolizes a brand new beginning. Although Genesis is a demigod, he behaves as how other heroes do, sometimes worse. The story of how this guild was created remains as a mystery till this day. By following the journey of Genesis, we may find out how the guild was founded.

Lost but Found Chronicles of Genesis?!

I: Genesis Became a Pet of a Pet?!!

When this occurred was not really known. Genesis accidentally said "Hi!" to one Rocky Raccoon who was a friend of a Sun Dog who accidentally stepped on a Multi-legged Luggage's tail. Some of you may wonder if the Multi-legged Luggage actually has a tail but in this story, it does. So this Multi-Legged Luggage happens to be a pet of another monster called the Double Dragon. This particular Double Dragon, enraged, somehow summoned another 4980 Double Dragons and tried to bully the Sun Dog and the Rocky Raccoon. Under circumstances, Genesis was misunderstood, he was thought to be a friend of the Rocky Raccoon and was threatened by the Double Dragons too. Genesis wanted to apologize to the angry pet owner but there are 4981 freaking Double Dragons that look the same so he did not know who to apologize to. In the end, Genesis ran away and the Sun Dog and the Rocky Raccoon lived happily ever after as pets of the Double Dragon.

II: I Shall Call You Diary

As he continued on his journey, he pondered upon many things. In his mind, he had many questions. Why is he wearing a monomolecular bandana? Where is Dogville? And most importantly, what's for dinner tonight? It is at this point of time, he proclaimed,"Oh Almighty, where can I find the answers to all my questions?" Before he knew it, he was struck by something again. It wasn't a bolt this time. Instead, it was a pink book with lace on it's cover. Then he heard a voice,"You can write what's on your mind in this book and I'll see what I can do for you." Excited about the new book, he decided to give it a name. The book was named 'Dairy' after the letters he saw that appeared in his alphabet soup which he had for lunch.

III: FMA (not FML)

Once, Genesis drew a mysterious pentagram and a familiar Multi-legged Luggage with a tail appears and starts to attack him. Out of nowhere, a mysterious FullMetalAlchemists member appeared and gave Genesis a short lecture and tutorial on drawing pentagrams. While arguing about who drew better pentagrams, Genesis and the FullMetalAlchemists member summoned a Rocky Raccoon, a Sun Dog and 4980 Double Dragons. As you probably remember, they are the antagonists (with one Double Dragon missing because of diarrhea) of the Genesis Became a Pet of a Pet?!! chronicle. The antagonists demanded full pay of appearance fees for casting them in another chronicle from Genesis. The FullMetalAlchemists member wonders if he is eligible to receive an appearance fee as well. Putting that aside, the FullMetalAlchemists member decides to help Genesis and he quickly drew a teleporting pentagram which teleports them both away. What happened afterwards shall be unknown until Genesis has enough funds to make another chronicle. To donate money to fund Genesis efforts in directing via godvoice, please type: 'I want more Lost but Found Chronicles of Genesis!' in the remote control.

IV: Thisisthetitleofthefourthchroniclenoreallytrustmebecauseiambeingcreative!

Not long ago, Genesis made a new acquaintance named 'Iamreallynotamonster'. So Iamreallynotamonster told Genesis about this secret hideout he found which contains treasures of another guild. "1000 gold bricks, to be exact," said Iamreallynotamonster. With curiosity, Genesis followed Iamreallynotamonster into the hideout with the words Secret Hideout of FMA guild. "Which guild would tell everyone their...wait, there are really 1000 gold bricks!" Genesis exclaimed excitedly, pointing at a large wallpaper of 1000 gold bricks. As Genesis was tricked and went inside the cave, Iamreallynotamonster revealed his sinister true form, a Monster! Iamreallynotamonster was going to eat Genesis alive but its friend, Iamreallynotahero appeared and slayed it with a banana gun. Thanks to that, Genesis is still alive, but he was puzzled as he could never figured out how to take the gold bricks out of the wallpaper. Iamreallynotahero mysteriously disappears. (He was actually the FMA member from III)

V: Genesis' Logic

Genesis had a debate with a wise old man, about the saying "The early bird catches the worm." It means that the first bird who bothers to wake up early in the morning will get to have the best breakfast as it can eat all the worms before others. However, Genesis argues that to be objective and compassionate, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the early worm! The early worm gets eaten by the early bird first. Thus, it is not ideal to be early if you are the worm. You should be the worm that wakes up late and you will be safe from being eaten. However, there are late birds too that can find late worms. But that's okay, says Genesis. After all, late birds will think that all the worms were eaten by the early birds so they will not go after the same spot. Logically, late birds will find other places for lunch. Not to mention, worms have bazookas that can destroy landscapes, much less a bird. The wise old man was lost in his thoughts and thus, the saying became "The Late Worm Avoids The Early Bird".

VI: The Return of Genesis

It has been a while since we last heard of Genesis. We thought Genesis was still hiding from the hide and seek game we played on 15 Nov 2011 but we were wrong. Genesis... is back. Stronger than before. Muscular than a skeleton. Sharper than a pen. Wiser than the wise old man. Higher than a dustbin. Thinner than a Double Dragon. Heavier than a leaf. In this one month, Genesis had been training under various masters which results in two years worth of training under usual circumstances that one has seen in mangas. His masters include Jacky Chan, Chucky Norris, wiser old man, Early Bird, Late Worm, Ash Chilli, Sam the Fisherman and many other unknown figures. Now, he is back. I mean, he did not change his name to 'back' but he is back.

VII: First Time Ever! An Exclusive Interview with Genesis!!!

Interviewer: Hello Genesis! This is not the first time you have appeared in the guild page but you are definitely the first demigod to receive an interview in Godville!

Genesis: Yup, it is my honor to be interviewed. What's the first question? By the way, can you hurry up? I got an errand to run.

Interviewer: Oh I see... Alright, so what is your name?

Genesis: My name is Genesis.

Interviewer: So, My name is Genesis, your surname is My name is?

Genesis: What? My name is Genesis. Just Genesis.

Interviewer: This is confusing. Never mind. I kind of knew that demigods have strange names since gods already have complicated ones. Second question, is it true that in I, you almost became a pet of a pet?

Multi-legged Luggage: Multi-legged Luggage! Multi-legged Luggage!

Genesis: That's ridiculous... The most humorous thing I had ever heard! Why did a Multi-legged Luggage suddenly appear in this interview room?

Interviewer: Did you mean... that chronicle is not true at all?!

Genesis: Yes.

Interviewer: What?! REALLY?! You have been lying to your readers all along!?

  • A wild Double Dragon appears*

Genesis: Eh... Maybe. Most of the chronicle is true though. I just did not run away like a baby.

  • 4000 more wild Double Dragons appear*

Genesis: That's it for today! I... I got an expired task to do. Smell ya later!

  • Genesis runs away like a baby. The Double Dragons seem to be following him, or rather, chasing after him.*

Interviewer: I guess that's it for today... Stay tuned for more precious moments with Genesis!

VIII:Chapter Zero - Ze Beginning of Beginning

Once upon a time in about a year ago, there was a day when both the sun and moon were full and bright. A shooting star accidentally found its way to Godville and crash into milestone X. Anything within 80 meters of the point of impact turned into gold and silver. Nothing else was damaged or harmed except for milestone X, which is the reason why it doesn't exist now. The star split opened and a baby herolike creature was inside.

VIIII:Chapter One - Babies Need Guardians Afterall

The baby herolike creature took a step out of the burnt star, which then resembles a huge useless rock from the outside. On the star, there was the words 'Genesis'. "So I am...Genesis," the baby hero deduced. Not knowing why he can speak English at such an age, he picks up the star and found out his super strength as well. Genesis wanders off and met his first monster, YourfirstenemyinGodville. YourfirstenemyinGodville kindly gave Genesis a thorough tutorial of the game of Godville and began to engage him. Genesis thanked YourfirstenemyinGodville. At that moment, YourfirstenemyinGodville became sentimental of all a sudden as Genesis reminds itself of its first enemy who taught it everything to start off in Godville. During then, YourfirstenemyinGodville was let off by its first enemy as its first enemy was sentimental that time as well. Hence, YourfirstenemyinGodville told Genesis to find his second monster and bade farewell with Genesis, wishing him luck in his endeavors.

IX:Chapter Two - Let's Genesis!

The baby hero Genesis stumble upon a Blue screen of death, which was hidden inside an abandoned bee hive which Genesis tried to get some honey out of it. Genesis thought that the Blue screen of death was useless and threw it away. The Blue screen of death flew and accidentally hit a nearby 9999 year old Guru on his face. Furious, the Guru exclaimed," Let's Genesis!" "Let's Genesis?" Genesis asked, with a confused facial expression. "Yes! Let's Genesis!" Unknowingly, Genesis entered a Genesis match with the Guru where they took alternating turns to say "Let's Genesis!" 5000 times altogether. The person who says "Let's Genesis!" at the exact 5000th time and not lose count wins. A random hero nearby with a tally counter was forced to be a judge for this match. Hence, the Guru started first. Failing to keep count in his mind, he said "Let's Genesis!" at the 5001st count and lost the game. Genesis was crowned the winner! Feeling elated, Genesis thought of using "Let's Genesis!" as his motto, or even, his future guild motto.

X:Genesis' Logic 2

Genesis was doing nothing as usual and he suddenly heard a loud voice screeching across the sky, saying, "Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools", which means that one is more likely to get in trouble if one has nothing to do. Having heard that, Genesis couldn't help but wonder, "If I am not doing anything, how am I in more trouble than hero Zura who is provoking the boss monster Vegan Cannibal right now?" Seeing Zura, who happens to be 5 meters away, losing to the Vegan Cannibal, Genesis decides that Idle Hands Are The Angel's Tools and he resumes his motionless position. After Zura managed to escape successfully, the Vegan Cannibal saw the still Genesis and thought he was a statue and ignored him completely, walking away in search of more victims.

!Hero's Diary
Notes from the battlefield: The Vegan Cannibal was too tough for me, so I bribed it with 704 gold coins and ran away. What a pity that I won't be able to complete this mini-quest.

- From Zura's Diary

XI:World's End

Few days ago, the world was supposed to end. The reason why it didn't, was all due to one person.

As you might have guessed, it was Genesis.

During that day, Genesis was playing hide and seek with himself as usual. He stumbled upon Sir Dance-a-lot, which was hiding in the bushes behind him. "Shit!" Sir Dance-a-lot exclaimed. "Now that you've found me, I can't destroy the world! I lost my bet with Octobear!"

Thus, Genesis saved the world again.


Aegis is the name of the Genesis guild main headquarters in Herolympus.

Notable awards/achievements of Aegis:

1.3rd in 2011 Top 20 Most Attractive Guild HQs in Herolympus.

2.1st in 2011 Top 10 Best Guild HQ to hide in for Hide and Seek.

3.Aegis is the only HQ in Godville that has a pool filled with tacos.

4.1st in 2011 Most Attractive Guild HQ with first letter A in name that can transform.

5.Aegis is the only HQ that is able to transform into a giant machine that fights evil. The machine requires 10 members to pilot it though.

6.Ranked in 2011 Guild HQs with more than 5 facilities in Godville.

7.Aegis is one of the few HQs in Godville that has Tall Grass. It is popular with tourists.

8.Aegis is the only HQ in Godville with ridiculous and useless self-claimed awards.


Facility Information
GGC - Genesis Game Center Games:

Genesis All-Stars Racing ( Use your favorite character from over 100 heroes in Genesis in this racing game. Use power-ups to obstruct your opponents and gain advantage to win races.)

Genesis Creed ( Follow the adventures of Genesis as he uses stealth and ridiculous methods to take down rival guilds that are trying to find Lost but Found Chronicles of Genesis?!)

Gym For heroes who love building up muscles.
Meeting Room For serious businesses on the economy and politics of Godville. Attended by Top 20 members in rank only.
Auntie Agnes' Cafeteria of Death A cafeteria that serves food that allows you to cherish your life even more.
Genesis Vending Machine Vending machine that gives out equipment and potions. Sometimes limited edition dolls too. It is rumored that at exactly midnight, the machine gives out Death Notes.
Alchemy Academy For members to learn alchemy and draw complicated pentagrams that summon monsters to aid members instead of attacking them. Teachers are from FullMetalAlchemists guild.
Dead Pool It probably sounds like the Dead Sea but it is just a swimming pool filled with tacos.
Tall Grass For members to find Poke... I mean, to hide during hide and seek games.
"Do Not Enter" Room A room that pretends to be mysterious but it is just an empty room. Useful for hiding.
Music Room A place where songs are produced by Genesis. So far, there are 'Call Genesis? Maybe Not.', 'Genesisphone', 'Happy Birthday(Genesis Edition)'.


These are special and much anticipated events held for members of Genesis every year. Members of FullMetalAlchemists and D3ADP00L are invited to participate too.

Annual Hide & Seek Championship

Date: 12 December

Time: 0001 - 2359

Location: Aegis

Prize: A golden statue displayed in front of Aegis

Description: This event is the most prestigious festival for all members of Genesis.

Vommitting Competition

Date: 5 May

Time: 1200 - 1201

Location: Auntie Agnes' Cafeteria of Death

Prize: 20000 gold

Description: The winner is the one who vomits the most within 1 minute. It is advised that one should visit Auntie Agnes' Cafeteria of Death every day before this event to win.

Running Away From 4000 Double Dragons Race

Date: 7 July

Time: 1400 - 2000

Location: Tall Grass

Prize: A Double Dragon Pillow Case

Description: Competitors are to escape from the herd of 4000 Double Dragons. Please note that despite what the name suggests, Double Dragons are actually slower than snails.


Date: 8 August

Time: 0800 - 2200

Location: Herolympus

Prize: 10 gold bricks + gold statue of winners for individual events

Description: This event is the second most prestigious event in Genesis guild and is sponsored by Genesis whose income is 5000 gold bricks each month since he is a demigod.

50 milestones sprint

50 milestones hurdles

200 milestones relay

400 milestones marathon

Who Wants To Be A Genesis Member

Date: 3 March

Time: 2000 - 2200

Location: Aegis

Prize: Exclusive Genesis Underwear + 10000 gold + Celebrity Status in guild

Description: This is a trivial quiz competition to see how much one knows about Genesis. It is the 3rd most prestigious event.

Movie Marathon

Date: 4 April

Time: 0000 - 2359

Location: Genesis Theater

Prize: 1 pair of 6D glasses

Description: A typical movie marathon.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to your hero's or your life is 100% full of coincidence, destiny, DNA and fate. We do not take questions regarding the lack of images in this wiki. We don't answer any questions regarding why Running Away From 4000 Double Dragons Race does not have any survivors. We are absolutely not responsible for wasting your precious time reading this disclaimer. We are grateful though, that you spend time to read and scroll through our wiki. Please visit again for more time wasting materials!