Garlic aura of alienation

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Skills of Godville
Garlic aura of alienation
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Vampires hates it.

The Garlic aura of alienation is an extremely potent skill, highly valued by all heroes. In order for a hero to obtain this skill, they must consume large amounts of garlic on an ongoing, daily basis. They generally tend to also carry it in their hands and some even choose to wear it around their neck.

Most heroes discover that they possess this skill quite by accident. A common way is when a hero goes to hug a friend and finds the friend actually walking away holding their nose. The hero then realizes they possess this potent power and hope to use it to their advantage. Just like bad breath, the main disadvantage to possessing this power is that it is just as dangerous to friends and potential dates as it is for enemies.


Level 1-5

Causes townsfolk and shopkeepers to walk to the other side of the street to avoid you, unless they really like garlic in which case they may approach to ask what region you grow your garlic in hoping to go buy some themselves.

Level 6-10

Causes the opponent's eyes to tear up, resulting in a marked accuracy decrease.

Level 11-20

Some monsters will run at the smell of the hero while others will think he (or she) is "what's for dinner".

Level 21+

With the skill now mastered, the hero can kill any monsters allergic to garlic just by being in the same meadow and may find a trail of smaller ones falling out of trees or even just keeling over where they stand from the garlic smell.