Garden Gnome

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Monsters of Godville
Garden Gnome
Class Ceramic gnome
Habitat Lawns and gardens
Description A small creature with a habit of decorating lawns

The Garden Gnome is a monster that likes to hide out near flowers.

It looks very similar to a normal inanimate garden gnome or lawn gnome, but with one key difference: this one is alive, and it's got a vengeance for all the times some random hero walked past it without looking. However, due to a freak accident involving some glue, a zeppelin, and a snorkel, it has quite some difficulty actually remaining still for more than about thirty seconds at a time. Thus, it's not really that difficult to tell a malicious garden gnome from a harmless one.



  • Looks rather innocuous, as long as it can manage to hold still.
  • Can surprise unsuspecting heroes, again, if it can hold still.
  • An expert at exterior design and landscaping.


  • Easily shattered, being made of ceramic and all.
  • Can't hold still for very long, which leaves it unable to hold up its disguise against observant heroes (although you don't come across those often).
  • Will stop in the middle of a fight to tend its garden or lawn
  • Not very physically strong. Again, ceramic.