Gangsta Raptor

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Monsters of Godville
Gangsta Raptor
Cohorus Raptor
Gangsta raptor.png
Class Reptile
Habitat Recording Studio
Description Spits rhymes like, really fast

The mighty Gangsta Raptor (Cohorus Raptor) is a creature that raps in such a beautiful way that some God made him shine from within.


A long time ago, when the meteors were about to arrive and Anti-meteor helmet and Anti-meteor umbrella hadn't been invented yet, a velociraptor was trying out some new rhymes. Through the feature of overhearing voice of god, an unknown God was moved by such poetry. After going through some bureaucracy in the ideabox, said God was finally able to bless his favourite poet and make him shine bright. Legend has it that when the God finally heard the poet, he was horrified by finding out those were rap lyrics instead of poems and banished the Gansta Raptor to the monster realm, where he joined the Reptile gang.



  • Can rap and run at the same time
  • Can see heroes even if they are not moving
  • Will most likely win a rap battle


  • Lack of gang tattoos
  • Skips some turns to rap
  • Easily distracted by nearby gang territory disputes