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Towns of Godville
Godville, the center and capital city.  
10: Bumchester, first suburb of Godville.  
20: Last Resort, a small resort town hidden away.  
30: Beerburgh, the downfall of many an intemperate hero.  
50: Trollbridge, a lonely and dreary port city.  
70: Los Demonos, hidden away in a cave.  
90: Monsterdam, home to mysterious caverns.  
100: Tradeburg, the center of commerce with great deals for heroes.  
130: Los Adminos, a small island city ruled by The Admins.  
170: San Satanos, a mysterious dwarven-built city in the southern lava desert.  
210: Godvillewood, tourist destination nestled in a huge beautiful forest.  
250: Herolympus, a small town high in the northeast mountains.  
300: Dogville, a northern coastal town obsessed with dogs.  
350: Anville, south coastal home of skilled smiths.  
500: Deville, in the wilds of Godville.  
800: Unspecifiedistan, outermost secluded home of mysterious operations.