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Motto: We will reclaim the throne!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: 3100 approx c.u.
Date Founded: At the beginning of the Universe
Forum Headquarters: GWJ
Guild Page: GWJ 


The GWJ Guild was one of the earliest myths of Godville. Soon after Godville was made by The Great Random in negative 902 G.E. a concept for a guardian guild was made. That guild later took on the name "Gamers With Jobs."

One of our War Cats killing an enemy Death Snake to save a town.

One of our original members uniting the crowns of Upper and Lower Godville

GWJ- the Gamers With Jobs- is one of the most powerful guilds in all of Godville. At least it was at one time. And it's slowly regaining its former strength; it's about 1/3 of the way there, and no guild in Godville at this time has managed to get to that strength yet.

So, at the very beginning, GWJ was the rulers of the world. Before even the Godville Administrators. Those were the end of the guild. Before the administrators, GWJ was the ultimate power - to be in it was to be considered a god. Nobody dared to pick up an apple without a GWJ members permission. But then, at the height of their power, the Godville administrators placed an agent inside the GWJ, who assassinated the leaders, and brought ruin to the guild. All for the sake of a GWJ members pet hamster eating the Administrators spaghetti. Such extremism.

But now GWJ is on a steady rise back to power as a prophecy mentioned that it is poised to take part in ruling the world once again!

"Legend speaks of a time of countless repeated elections, and after rigorous repetitions a leader will rise among them to lead them once more into the fray..."

Now currently led by the remaining leader Master of Divines, who has been finally inducted into the ceremony as leader, he has enacted the "Reconquista" and only time will tell if these efforts will lead GWJ to its former glory.


We have many, many powerful, occasionally secret, bases across the known world. One of the most important is the "Sarclao Altian", our great mothership, which orbits Godville, armed with:

  • 625160 gigawatt laser blaster which specialises in penetration defences, dispelling the shields. It has a range of 20 million kilometres
  • Paralysis Ray (non-lethal), which runs on converted dark matter. Very short range of 7 million kilometres.
One of our minor attack bases
  • Annihilation cannon, a which is able to destroy planets from billions of kilometres away, and fast enough to track and destroy ships in hyperspace jumps

We also have many onboard computers, which do activities such as: tracking ships, managing weapon systems, managing heating and air conditioning.

Another GWJ ship

Important members

(In progress-please remove sign when completed)

The Inner Circle of the Master Lords

After the great anarchy that corrupted the guild's influence occurred, most of the GWJ's records were destroyed. Included in those records was the succession of rulers that held the names of the great Lords that once ruled over the mighty guild.

This is the record for the latest known leaders of the GWJ Guild:

  • Jeffsceu - the Ruler in the times of Peace
  • Klonopin - the Ruler in the times of Silence
  • Hedonism Bot - the Ruler with the Lion's Heart
  • Master of Divines - Recent titles: the Repentant Ruler
  • Temnas - The Tribble Slayer, has recently claimed the mantle of leadership as of March 3, 2019 by orders of the Master of Divines.

The First Council:

New Frontliners

Recent frontliners, squires and Knight-Apparents have begun to pick up their weapons and arms to join the act called "The Reconquista". This act mobilizes the entire guild to commit their individual forces to reinforcing and reestablishing the presence of GWJ across the continent.

The following individuals have been operating independently and have yet to be dubbed their own titles under the "Reconquista", however the process of forming a new, official council is in progress.

  • Wratooti - Recent titles: The Vengeful Fury, Quiet Wrath
  • Mister Censor - Recent titles: The Historian Arbiter, Drifter Writer, the Archivist
  • Temnas - Recent titles: The Knight Defiant, TRIBBLE Slayer!
  • lord doosh - Lord Conqueror
  • Aravvn - Recent titles: Transient Warrior, Constant Companion, "Relentless ARENA Fighter!"
  • Twilight Alexandrias - Recent titles: The Comebacker, Hungry Tribble Food

Notable Exploits and Events

The exploits of the frontline members have led to various titles from the townspeople. among the famous exploits of the Reconquista is the peculiar attachment of tribbles to Sir Temnas whose defiant defense of Godville outskirts led to the Tribble King becoming his nemesis. He is regularly assaulted by tribbles every other week or month and has consistently, if exasperatedly, vanquished each crack team of the furballs, which led him to be dubbed as the TRIBBLE Slayer. Most recently, he managed the remarkable feat of being attacked by tribbles while having tribble repellent. His pet, the ninja totoise Rex, was no help in getting rid of them. Bets are being placed on how long it will be before the next regiment of tribbles will appear; the top bet is currently 500 gold coins. EDIT: A new regiment appeared, and subsequently ate all of the loot in his backpack. They were driven off, although one was eaten by Rex. MORE tribbles recently assaulted the beleaguered adventurer, and managed to completely fill his backpack before they were driven off by copious amounts of beer, brandy, vodka, and sake, which made the tribbles drunk enough to be plucked out of the bag and used as golf balls and baseballs, though some landed, still drunk, in the backpacks of nearby heroes. Presumably, they will eat everything in sight in their backpacks as well. Pity them. EVEN FURTHER EDIT: MORE tribbles have assaulted the beleaguered adventurer. Two attacks in the past month have frayed his hero's nerves.

  • Jeffscue - the sudden arrival of the previous master Jeffscue Keeper of the archives has inspired the knights apparent in their endeavors and renewed their vigor. As sudden as the past master appeared he has also vanished leaving behind a trail of recently increased influence of GWJ in many cities.

Twilight Alexandrias was recently attacked by the evil Hungry Tribbles. His hero lost an arm to the fiends, but thanks to the kindness of TA, it has since grown back, albeit with an extra toe. Wait, a toe?

Months have passed since the Reconquista but new frontiers continue to rise. Several knights are in the final stage of their Arks and are about ro venture forth for act called the Grand Rediscovery wherein the arks will be used to explore uncharted territory and recover ancient artifacts but mostly old friends lost to the ancient land of JOB.

As of November 10, 2018, GWJ is on poor terms with the "Blue Feather" guild, as their totem monster is the Tribble Overlord. Temnas the Tribble Slayer has some SEVERE issues with tribbles, and the "Blue Feather" guild has also been having their totem monster send regiments of the furballs at other members of "GWJ." THIS IS WAAAAAR. The ensuing war led to the rise of Temnas who was blessed by Mod to lead the GWJ in these tribbled times. To quell tribble menace, Temnas now leads us into the forays of combat against the tribble infested towns of Godville.

By March 2019 Aravvn and our other fighters have ventured into town arenas and recently increased our guild presence...Slowly but surely regaining GWJ honor!

The fight continues...

Guild Facts and how to join us

To join GWJ, simply send the voice command join "GWJ" to the hero while he is out of town and not battling a monster. Do not cancel their current quest first. Also, this may take a few commands to work (as the hero is so stubborn, and due to a build up of earwax). If after 5 commands it does not work, try replacing the word "join" with "enroll"

Our official guild emblem is ♚,a crown which represents our once superiority in Godville. Please add it to the end of your motto to show your pride for GWJ!

List of Preferred Godville Commands

Some commands are more often used than others and guildmates (especially TEMNAS "resident Tribble Slayer") used it a lot in his quest to be rid of the ever present tribble mayhem.

Dig, heal, attack, defend, cancel quest, return to town And dungeon-specific ones like north, east, West, South

Dig - looks for dungeons or hidden treasure --Dungeon specific: ---Type either north, east, west, or south to direct your hero properly and avoid dying too soon.

Heal - Heal hit points Attack - Attack hapless opponent Defend - Protect thyself Cancel Quest - CANCEL THE PET REGISTRATION EXTENSION Return to Town - get to town and sell those random wares