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GFY Guild is for the heroes of cruel, wicked and even worse gods. Triumphant in many duels, usually won by obeying their gods commands in battle, or they risk losing their grand prize, the fierce wrath of their god for a job well done.

Although members of GFY occasionally build a reputation in certain towns, GFY heroes usually don't bother with petty squabbles in town squares, about which guild spends the most time in towns fluffing their own feathers, but instead would rather just resupply, heal up on their own, and get back to their quests and killing.

Most heroes of GFY praise their creators for pushing them that extra distance, and teaching them how to survive a cruel world full of monsters, evil administrators, unhelpful swindling merchants, other players looking for fights, and fast healing, pretty heroes who will smile at you one second, and poke you in the eye the next.

Other Gods and Heroes scorn GFY for it's enigmatic name, which leaves most gods and heroes thinking. The name shall remain a mystery forever, and open to interpretation by anyone embarrassed and/or offended by a GFY member.

GFY members benefit guide.

[For guild ranking system, please refer to this link: (copy/paste if necessary).]

All may read and/or contribute. GFY members have no problem teaching lessons.....

The following guide is for members of GFY to show off their fighting talents in hopes of producing more formidable competition. We do not care if our current opponent, ahem, I mean victim can read it and try to use it against us. GFY gladiators strive to be legend, and what better way to do that than by writing our own history. So we are not only formidable warriors, but fierce teachers as well. To all of our opponents, you are more than welcome to learn from us, and you're welcome. Just remember where your wisdom originated. Enjoy your duel. Hope your god has a nice bag of rainbows :D

The best advice for Gods during battles that has been learned so far is as follows:

07:18 Got a strange feeling of being much more experienced.

07:18 A voice from the skies shouted: 'good job training idiot. now go and friggin learn something useful. .' Funny.

12:48: Angel The Champion forgets about the battle, picks a bouquet of daisies and hands it over to the opponent. <- righteous/kind hero lol>

YOU NEED ACCUMULATOR CHARGES TO WIN EFFICIENTLY, AND EFFECTIVELY. IF YOUR OPPONENT HAS MORE CHARGES THAN YOU, AND PAYS ATTENTION, THEY WILL WIN. a minimum of 3 charges are recommended for dueling especially at higher levels. This I test EVERY DUEL. only 1 time have I been able to prove how close this random factor is. Me and 1 other person who both had about a 10-1 ratio faced off and both of us had to have spent over 5 dollars each just in restore godpower charges. it didn't even take that long, maybe round 25 or 27 I gave up and prioritised the next 5 dollars I would spend on 1 duel, or the 1 win I would have (maybe) had I spent ten or more dollars on. That guy may be ahead of me now, but the lessons I learned from that duel are much more valuable.... twice I lost due to alcohol, and I forget the 4th duel I lost. prolly alcohol too.

YOUR LEVEL AND GEAR MEAN ALMOST NOTHING IN DUELS. SEEMINGLY MORE INTENDED FOR MONSTER BATTLES, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED IF YOUR OPPONENT IS HIGHER LEVEL OR HAS BETTER GEAR!!!! damage is almost still the same, and as mentioned before, they who have the most charges (and know how to use them), wins.

YOU WILL GET ACTIONS BACK IF YOUR OPPONENT USES THEM TOO! In some cases, if you're good enough, you can let your opponent use up theirs while all you do is attempt to get extra attacks in, until the last round of YOUR turn where a punishment and a regular attack will win almost any duel where your opponent is below 30 health. (and conserve godpower as well, since you're only shouting, instead of those expensive actions..)

As of right now, I have not discovered any commands that work in a duel other than attack, punch, kill etc that sometimes make your hero land an extra, or "sneak" attack, with one exception: "fatality!" below 20 health ONE TIME landed me, "20:36: Exsequor angrily grinned, made sure that B**o b**m hadn’t lost his head in fear, then tried to tear it off with force."

Any other commands discovered to have resulted in actions by your hero will be greatly appreciated. (setting aside battlefield communications like upgrade, sell, pray, sacrifice etc etc)

Use phrases like "Attack attack attack with fury!" to maximize chances of your hero hearing and obeying with a bonus round of damage. (saying attack 3 times in a voice has significantly increased the chances from approximately 1/10 to about 3/10 I have discovered. This makes it seem random almost like a roll of dice. or rather 3 random rolls instead of 1 per voice. usually when opponents just say attack, I see it as lucky if they land one in first 5-6 attempts.)

Use punishments to do extra damage to your opponent until you fall below 30% ish health, then maybe throw an encourage in ONLY if your opponent has more than half their own health left due to an encourage.

Punishments in battle affect your personality towards the evil ways almost twice as much as a punishment in the field. This was not calculated with any program though, it is just an observation. 2 encouragements in a duel made my hero go from vicious to wicked and drop about 120 pantheon spots, so be weary if you are trying to reach and maintain pure evil status for maximum damage. a pure evil hero will greatly outdamage a righteous heros healing potential. I have seen a punishment and an attack on my opponents turn do over 30 damage during their encourage heal on the same turn. so on their turn, I did 30 damage to them while they were healing and only dealing 15-20 damage to me. ON THEIR TURN. *new edit* pure good heros have much better healing ability than righteous/kind heros... went punish for encourage in recent duel, and lost, as pure evil. remaining actions stayed at 4 as we both wouldn't relent until victorious. most of time, he was 50 points healthier than me, except when his heals hit us both maybe twice. good 18 step duel though... was getting crappy bonus thrashings as well though with new words I had been trying out, so that may have also contributed to my less than adequte damage capability.... will continue to monitor this best I can....

Punishments OR encourages in towns while healing or selling give our guild faction, or influence in those towns down the road. Guilds in top 5 pantheons will always have top influence and I have yet to see those benefits, but as stated earlier, we don't need to toot our own horn at a tavern. We prove our worth in battle and on the hunt.

Punishments in the field will often hit a monster we are fighting or heal us if used, and still count to your personality. I have not experimented too much with this as using it in duels and towns seems to almost double the personality algorithm.

Punishments sometimes hit your own hero instead, or both heroes. same with encourage heals.

WHEN YOUR HERO IS TOWN selling his/her loot, do not be afraid to encourage or punish them while transactions are being conducted. Your hero could gain new artifacts('borrowed' from the shopkeep)to sell back, more gold coins or the opportunity to enhance the GFY guild's name in whatever town you are in. (yes this is very true) (04:29 A sudden lightning strike burned a hole in the shop's roof and knocked a gold coin out of the merchant. While he was lying on the ground unconscious my wallet got heavier by 325 gold coins.) <--Punishment (yes and if you have three thousand gold sometimes a punishment will yield a lightning bolt that will fuse a lot of your gold into a temple brick too. Exsequor has done that a few times as well.) had 4k gold coins and did a punishment while selling at trader=12:54 Dark clouds gathered together in the sky above me. The heavens split wide open and a lightning bolt hit me directly in my hip, forming a golden brick.

If punishment or encouragement is thrust down upon the hero in town, but not conducting business, only the guild's name will be enhanced in that town. Enhancing the guild name in any town can/will result in gaining free equipment and faster healing. Loco Ono has first hand knowledge of receiving free equipment, so it does work. (faster healing I definitely get all the time, but I haven't been able to determine if it was for my rank of master in guild, or our influence. Exsequor has not received any free items yet though.) Example: 05:02: The trader was impressed by my “GFY” guild membership card. Received WALL-E's tracks as a free gift. <--That was equipment for Loco's legs.

Also...punishing your hero during a fight with a monster could result in an extra artifact being gained; "09:27 Suddenly, a reason to live fell from the sky and hit the Morbid Zombo-Wirt. Nice throw, Exalted One!" 'reason to live' was the artifact gained along with the artifact from defeating the monster.

( I also have no idea how to see how many members we have, or a list of members.. or how to communicate with others on the wiki without modifying the page... or keep up to date with new content added to other guides... nor probably the time lol. Everything I wrote so far was little paragraphs I needed to get down on virtual paper to make room for new information lol.)