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The history of Godville is fraught with difficulties, many bugs and glitches and an amusingly large number of mistakes, or am I just being unfair? Probably, yes, because despite the mishaps, the number of Gods in Godville continues to grow daily. For this reason, most new players will be unaware of what has happened in the past and how the game came to be what it is today, so presented here is the entire history of Godville for all to behold.

To start with, in the realm of Godville, the date is not measured from the birth of Christ (A.D. Anno Domini) but is measured from the day Godville first came online. We therefore use g.e. (Godville Era) instead. It is important to note that the English version of Godville first came online on Day 902 g.e. of the original Russian Godville. Therefore their Day 902 g.e. is our Day 0 g.e. We will only deal with the dating system of the English Godville since that is all we are concerned with.

To convert a date into its g.e. equivalent, use {{ge}} or {{date ge}} (includes units).

These are the chronicles of Godville. It lists all important events in its entire history in descending (reverse chronological) order.

Date g.e. Date (A.D.) Event
4127 August 27, 2021 Deities gain a new power : Signs! Alongside that, some new achievements enter the game and the Picturize option have been updated. [1]
4097 July 28, 2021 GodWiki's art got promoted in the form of a new Godville Times mini-game! Also, heroes will now react to congratulations on his birthday ! [2]
4054 June 15, 2021 Alongside the opening of the Godville Olympics community-event, few minors yet significants changes comes into play, such as a new side job and easier electing for guilds.[3]
4018 May 10, 2021 Happy 11th birthday to Godville![4]
3982 Apr 04, 2021 GodHairplug4men  becomes the first deity to complete the Book of Creation. On side note, the GodWiki engine was updated.[5]
3946 Feb 27, 2021 Befriending a monster become possible, Encountered monsters gain a new emoji (🦴) when they are Tameables Monsters and new kind of free coupons are issued.[6]
3858 Dec 01, 2020 Winter is coming back again, bringing with it a new activatable artifact capable of changing one's skills, and with a massive content update fresh from the Ideabox.[7]
3827 Oct 31, 2020 Halloween festivities are back with the usual pumpkins, hungry tribbles and risen monsters. Meanwhile the lists ot tamable pets have been extended, with a new feature ability : looting! There is also new coupons, a new Side Job and a new datamine option![8]
3766 Aug 31, 2020 Mushrooms are back for September. With them come some fresh features such as pinable friends' chat, and the long-awaited feature of releasing an unwanted pet for those who have built their ark. Said pets also suddenly decided to not fight their kind on the wild anymore.[9]
3712 Jul 08, 2020 The Godville Times made a deal with the traders to issue a daily gift to its readers: a coupon for free stuff. Meanwhile the Great Random meddled with the Datamine and the latter can now welcome special rules, similarly to sails and dungeons. Scientists also managed to add a few units of attention to heroes' brain that they will use to check the Lab more often when in town.[10]
3675 Jun 01, 2020 Summer is welcomed with a lot of small yet significant new things, from strong monsters being bolded to new sea/dungeon types passing by a new Book of Creation achievement .[11]
3653 May 10, 2020 10 Years of Godville! [12]
3604 Mar 22, 2020 Secret treasury with even more loots have been discovered in dungeons and ideas can now be withdrawn for 10 minutes after submitting.[13]
3561 Feb 08, 2020 While countless ideas were approved and added in the earliest days of the month, the newspaper's ideabox submission join other submissions in the regular voting process.[14]
3512 Dec 21, 2019 The Pantheon of Wordcraft sneaks itself into the list of pantheons, to compare the progress of deities for their Book of Creation. Just in time for the Christmas festivities.[15]
3500 Dec 09, 2019 A new activity, the Datamine, makes its entrance for those who have awakened a Boss-monster, allowing them to collect glyphs and bosscoins, a whole new pricy artifact.[16]
3459 Oct 29, 2019 A new aura, the Aura of saving, makes its debut, alongside new side jobs. All of that to celebrate a new Halloween event with the never-get-old Angry Tribbles and new glowing pumpkins.[17]
3439 Oct 09, 2019 A new objective appear to those who have awaken their boss-monster: The Book of Creation. Also the first built boss-monster can now awake by itself after few weeks when all necessary ingredients are collected.[18]
3405 Sep 05, 2019 Mushroom picking is introduced as an Autumn activity, and poetic Godvoices make an entry:
Autumn became celebrated
Some changes come in handy
For Godville still being loved[19]
3357 Jul 19, 2019 Guilds that have 1% influence within a town can send their members into new guild mini-quest.[20]
3287 May 10, 2019 Godville Turns 9.[21]
3278 May 01, 2019 Gods can now vote to influence the upcoming Daily Forecast and dockers agreed to work overtime to re-supply arks for the next voyage quicker.[22]
3242 Mar 26, 2019 Rumors of Point of interest can now reach the drinking Heroes at Taverns. Meanwhile, the Lab community managed to partially disarm explosives Boss and the game accesssibility have been improved![23]
3207 Feb 19, 2019 Heroes discover Bold Equipment with special effects. Better late than never, eh. Meanwhile GodHairplug4men  claimed all known achievements, nothing less.[24]
3158 Jan 01, 2019 The JanuWiki 2019, the first GodWiki event, started.[25]
3097 Nov 01, 2018 Strange Side Jobs appeared for the fortunate heroes.[26]
3035 Aug 31, 2018 The town of Heisenburg randomly appears for the first time.[27]
2978 Jul 05, 2018 Monsters may guide heroes to points of interest upon defeat.[28]
2906 Apr 04, 2018 Gods finally managed to draw a Map of Godville. The result is incredible.[29]
2822 Jan 30, 2018 Guilds gain a spotlight in the Godville Times, heroes get birthday parties, and Sea Pets popped out of nowhere... Crazy.[30]
2558 Nov 05, 2017 The most advanced heroes who have gathered all the creatures on their arks can build their own boss in the new Lab, if Godville wasn't dangerous enough. Also progress in technology allows the replay of chronicles (duel, boss fight, dungeon, sail) as if they were happening live, or almost. [31]
2667 Aug 28, 2017 The Pantheon of Adventure is now open for guilds who love dungeons and sails.[32]
2592 Jun 14, 2017 Big Brother sponsored an entirely new set of graphs to check the change of your hero over time, also available in guild format. That somehow also allowed the Gods to obtain a Health Change live indicator. Meanwhile, shop owners finally get rewarded with a medal, alongside new features for them.[33]
2500 Mar 14, 2017 "Auto-Discharge" for the remote control becomes a thing.[34]
2480 Feb 22, 2017 From now, Gods and Goddesses can give up on the Godville Times' bingo. Also divine powers made some new changes into dungeons and sailing, in case some heroes were getting bored.[35]
2435 Jan 08, 2017 GodKingdada , yeah him again, became the first God to gather 100 pairs of creatures.[36]
2400 Dec 12, 2016 Hungry tribbles invade! They are likely running away from the new boss who entered the game.[37]
2144 Mar 23, 2016 The Arena open a Zero Player Game (ZPG) duel mode for the five first minutes of each hour.[38]
2115 Feb 23, 2016 The Pantheon of Catch is now open for those who wanna be the best sailer like no one ever was.[39]
2053 Dec 23, 2015 The Godville Times begins featuring the Godpower capacitor.[40]
2033 Dec 03, 2015 For the first time, arks can set sail and adventure on the high seas.[41]
2012 Nov 12, 2015 Heroes discover the joy of fishing for the first time.[42]
1929 Aug 21, 2015 The Godville Times begins featuring the Bingo game.[43]
1848 Jun 01, 2015 GodKingdada εΊ™θˆŸη•œ  becomes the first god[44] to reach the savings goal of 30,000,000 gold coins and, as a consequence, to open a shop.
1689 Dec 24, 2014 Guild leaders and elections are introduced.[45]
1517 Jul 05, 2014 Pantheon of duelers is unveiled.[46] The pantheon of duelery replaces pantheon of aggressiveness as the equivalent for guilds.
1487 Jun 05, 2014 Arena 2.0 opens and skirmishes are abolished.[47] This means that each fight can have slightly different rules, levels no longer matter and a few other things too.
1447 Apr 26, 2014 GodKingdada εΊ™θˆŸη•œ  becomes the first god to construct an ark.
1320 Dec 20, 2013 Some dungeons become special with nice and not nice effects.
1229 Sep 20, 2013 A hero uncovers the first secret entrance to a dungeon, discovers gopher wood, and learns it can be used to build an ark. Many other heroes with temples follow.
1186 Aug 08, 2013 GodBudapesties εΊ™η•œ  becomes the first god to obtain twelve first level (or higher) achievements.
1175 Jul 28, 2013 New artifacts are introduced. Godville invites become free to activate (previously it cost 50% of godpower). Boss monsters develop four new abilities. Boss-monsters start leaving special boss trophies. The somewhat inaccurate progress meter for waiting for a duel finally gets fixed. [48]
1166 Jul 19, 2013 The Godville National Tournament commences.
1158 Jul 11, 2013 The Windows 8 App is introduced.[49]
1143 Jun 26, 2013 Gods participating in ideabox voting receive a bonus from heroes praying in towns. Godville receives updates of diary entries, new monsters, and a long awaited shipment of high-level equipment.[50]
1096 May 10, 2013 The Godville Times introduces the Daily Astrology Forecast and the Daily Crossword.[51]
1058 Apr 02, 2013 The Amusing QC Drama[52] takes place as insults are submitted to the Ideabox and people rush to defend others actions, along with angry rants over what they find offensive, with the arguments extending over to the QC submissions section of the Ideabox and even the Godwiki. It ends after about three days.
1048 Mar 23, 2013 Godville App for Android version 4 released. Activatable artifacts for finding Underground Boss monsters released. Herowin and Lostway created. Teleporting artifacts now teleport the hero to a random town instead of just Godville. Inventory limited to 50 artifacts.[53]
955 Dec 20, 2012 Heroes learn how to craft with artifacts. Release of Christmas Satan Claus monster batch.[54]
904 Oct 30, 2012 Halloween additions added on All Hallows’ Eve. [55]
895 Oct 21, 2012 Underground Boss monsters created; for the first time ever heroes can work together. Godville Times has Ideabox and ER sections added to it.[56]
851 Sep 06, 2012 The pantheon of savings is created. The pantheon of greed is discontinued. The Ideabox and Enhancement Room process is slightly changed.[57]
805 Jul 23, 2012 Best pets forever is created; pets no longer die.[58]
804 Jul 22, 2012 GodLittle Ghost  wins the Tournament of Champions.
769 Jun 18, 2012 Epic Quests are created. Enhancement room is extended to include submissions for duel phrases. Browser version of Godville (without Facebook) comes online.[59]
747 May 27, 2012 The pantheon of popularity, pantheon of aggressiveness and the pantheon of mastery are created, and temple-owners are moved to a new pantheon of templehood. A new pantheon classification system is introduced. Arena duels now last for at least 3 days, along with a few other minor updates.[60]
730 May 10, 2012 Second anniversary of Godville (everyone receives 20 charges) and the release of mini-quests and their associated new boss monsters.[61]
689 Mar 29, 2012 Pantheon of survival is created. Wanted feature goes live. Android App v3.2 released.[62] Godville Subreddit is created.[63]
664 Mar 04, 2012 The Tournament of Champions β€œHunger Games” begins This was the first ever Gladiator Tournament in Godville, with the guilds selected to participate being LoA, StA, KWSN and its main organiser HM.
636 Feb 05, 2012 Guild Councils are created (private messaging). Many guild forum headquarters suddenly go quiet.[64]
606 Jan 06, 2012 Guild Pages are created (not the Godwiki article ones). Guild popularity section of the Godville Times introduced.[65]
592 Dec 23, 2011 Achievements expand from Godville apps to main browser-based version. New Activatable Artifacts with new gameplay effects are released. Invites are now activatable to stop heroes selling them. Christmas additions to gameplay.[66]
553 Nov 14, 2011 The Enhancement Room of the Ideabox opens along with new IQ points system. Now players have more say on what gets added to the game.[67][68]
523 Oct 15, 2011 Sparring duels now begin to take place. Everyone receives 5 invites and the ability to gift charges to other players. The old 'hero' page finally becomes deprecated and is replaced with the 'super(hero)' page.[69][70]
501 Sep 23, 2011 Gladiator Test Tournament hosted by Harvest Moon to see whether the idea works, given the seal of approval by the admins[71]
470 Aug 23, 2011 Pantheon of Storytellers is created. Gold bricks now become Bold Artifacts after temple completion, to be collected in the usual ways.[72]
449 Aug 02, 2011 The Great API Scandal broke out as accusations of cheating were hurled, which involved some of the largest guilds in Godville at the time (Harvest Moon, Rise of Evil and the League of Adjudicators to name but a few) and fizzled out on around 09/10/2011 or Day 488 g.e. after a long and fierce debate.
435 Jul 19, 2011 Gods gain the Third Eye ability.[73]
403 Jun 17, 2011 The Lucky God Casino guild is founded which marks the first ever instance of gambling in Godville, with the vast majority of its gamblers not actually being members of this guild. Goes on to host gambling over the duels of the future tournaments among other things.
398 Jun 12, 2011 The first ever Warped Quantum Puzzle is released, marking the first instance of a regular guild puzzle (which you could gain points for completing successfully). The idea was later to be taken up by other guilds, such as the Harvest Moon 'Over The Moon' Quiz.
367 May 12, 2011 The Guild Name guild introduce their Guild Points,[74] marking the first instance of an earnable points system run by any guild in Godville, later copied by other guilds such as the Warped Quantum Q-points.[75]
366 May 11, 2011 First ever Animalist medal received by GodKosh εΊ™η•œ .[76]
365 May 10, 2011 1st Anniversary of Godville. Everyone gains a free amount of charges equal to half the level of their heroes as well as 3 invites each. One free charge now for every extra level-up. Voice of God change to avoid the creation of guild duplicates. Large Godville Android App upgrade.[77]
348 Apr 22, 2011 Finally, Registration for Godville becomes available for everyone. Login using Facebook feature is added. Godville Facebook page is created.[78]
338 Apr 12, 2011 Hero's page gets revamped with a new appearance and super-turbo mode; christened the (super)hero page.[79]
327 Apr 01, 2011 April fool's day joke - the 'I'm feeling lucky' influence.
311 Mar 17, 2011 Godville Android App goes live.[80]
275 Feb 09, 2011 Ability to Influence traders.[81]
257 Jan 22, 2011 Heroes are no longer killed in skirmish Duels. Quest now only resets to 50% and no godpower is lost after Death. Names of Healing Artifacts are now written in italics.[82]
227 Dec 23, 2010 First ever issue of the Godville Times is published. Christmas additions to gameplay. Godville iPhone/iPod app version 2.3 is released.[83]
221 Dec 17, 2010 First ever Temple is completed by GodGodzillla εΊ™ .[84]
211 Dec 07, 2010 Auras are first released. Ability to report offensive players is created due to the forum's first ever troll (who was subsequently banned).[85]
180 Nov 06, 2010 The pantheon of taming is created. Godville iPhone/iPod app version 2.2.1 is released. Heroes can now meet their friends in-game.[86]
163 Oct 20, 2010 Godville iPhone/iPod app version 2.2 is released.[87]
148 Oct 05, 2010 Pets become available.[88]
134 Sep 21, 2010 The pantheon of gladiatorship is created. Godville Twitter account is created.[89]
124 Sep 11, 2010 Godville iPhone/iPod app version 2.0 released (also for iPad).[90]
110 Aug 28, 2010 Godwiki comes online.[90]
108 Aug 26, 2010 The Arena comes online. Ability to purchase charges is created.[91]
103 Aug 21, 2010 Activatable Artifacts are created.[92]
78 Jul 27, 2010 The pantheon of creation, pantheon of destruction and pantheon of construction are created.[93]
69 Jul 18, 2010 The Godville iPhone/iPod app is released in the appstore.[94]
55 Jul 04, 2010 PvP is released.[95]
25 Jun 04, 2010 The Ideabox comes online.[96]
13 May 23, 2010 Godville informers are released.[97]
0 May 10, 2010 First version of Godville comes online (private, invite-only beta of Godville).[98]


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