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The futurenaut knights are extremely awesome guild. They follow the guidelines of the encyclopedia futreistica, bible of eclaw god of technology. Basically advance technology for better of man. They like good and evil. The guild started when eclaw sent his hero the encyclopedia futreistica and a plasma rifle from the future. Eric Czar spent 3,000 gold coins and bought a mountain lodge in the mountains and made the guild. All members get a blue cape with hood with the letters FK on the back. join the guild if you are good, evil, or neutral. If you see Eric Czar and his plasma rifle and care to join ask him! The heiarchy is this

Grand knight council: Grand knight: Eric Czar Assist grand knight:(first to message me) Council member 1: (second to message me) Council member 2: ( third to message me ) Council member 3: ( fourth to message me) Council member 4: ( fith to message me)

Special positions:( anyone over follower, karma related) Padalin: (good karma) Enforcer:(neutral karma) Reaver:(bad karma)

Member:( anyone under follower)

Padalin: like a good adventuer/ Enforcer: like a ranger or guard or adventurer/ Reaver: like a evil adventurer and attack enemy guilds and caravans/ This will be regularly edited by me

Signed eclaw