Fruit of labor

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Artifacts of Godville
Fruit of labor
Type 🧷Normal
Value ~43 gold coins.
Description A pear-shaped object obtained when a venture (surprisingly) does not go pear-shaped.

This herbaceous artifact is an object most heroes and heroines consider somewhat exotic, because they rarely obtain one as a spontaneous result of their own efforts. To grow a fruit of labor requires a sustained effort toward a single purpose, in which nothing goes wrong prior to accomplishing the aim of the work. Project managers throughout the Greater Godville Metropolitan Area tend to describe this artifact as, "A pear-shaped object that shows up when nothing else goes pear-shaped."


A fruit of labor most commonly resembles a Bartlett pear, with some rare varieties showing the size and coloring of a Royal pear. As people who manage to grow these fruits tend to hold them as precious trophies, only old fruits of labors performed by previous generations and subsequently inherited by descendants without an appreciation of the difficulties overcome for that particular fruit have been successfully obtained for study.

Dissection of fruits of labor reveals them to be of uniform shade and texture within, described as "pale and creamy, with a metallic sheen; no seeds in evidence."[1] After lab rats survived consumption of pieces of the sample fruits, a particularly brave intern made a taste test. Recorded results state, "Salty skin, reminiscent of sweat and tears; indescribably sweet flesh, piquant with the taste of completion. Subject left deeply satisfied."[2]

Suggested Uses

  • If possible, grow in a clear glass bottle and preserve with brandy.
  • Display on a mantelpiece, mounted on a plaque above the name of the accomplishment (one wishes) one completed.

Sales Notes

The only people who sell a fruit of labor at anything less than a very dear price are those who have not earned that particular fruit. All merchants are advised not to believe any tall tales a seller relates to accompany this item.

The Godville Fraud Prevention Agency (GFPA) has issued notice of recent attempts to disguise unripe pears as fruits of labor. All stakeholders are advised to exercise caution when observing a potential trade item. The GFPA offers brochures and posters to interested parties that detail how to tell the differences between real and false fruits.[3]

References and Footnotes

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  3. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 209 South Ridge Avenue, Godville, for a full list of free GFPA informational materials available to merchants and tavern-keepers.