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Freya 12! Goddess of dragons, canines, shapeshifting, and of course: donuts!

Donuts are awesome. Like, the greatest food ever invented.

Stuff I Like To Do

I love to draw fanart (mostly Wings of Fire fanart), eat donuts, read books (Wings of Fire, Magnus Chase, and Dragons In Our Midst), eat donuts, roleplay, eat donuts, write books, eat donuts, and play with my dogs ♥

Oh yeah, and of course play Godville with all my friends!

I Still Have No Idea What I'm Doing

This is all so random, I don't have much to talk about... I wish I knew how to post pictures... I'd have some sweet pics in here... I'm such a noob at making Wiki pages...

Wings Of Fire!

If you're a fan of WoF, please friend me! I love the series but don't have many friends who read it. I really wish I knew more people who read the series.

A Story. Hooray...

This story is about how I came to Godville. I hope you enjoy it! [It has mostly to do with Wings Of Fire ♥]

Chapter 1

Back when I was a young Icewing dragonet, I lived with my parents up in the freezing cold northern regions of the Ice Kingdom. We had a gorgeous sparkling mansion made of ice. [Yeah, I know, we were rich. Really rich... Still are. Not that I enjoy it...] My mother held some of the greatest parties in all of Pyrrhia. And she still does, too. Like, every day. Anyway, back to the story. One day, we were invited to come to the queen's palace for a party she was having there. Mama was so excited to go, she spent the whole day before the party fussing over what jewels to wear. And of course, what I had to wear too. 'Oh joy. Another party,' I thought to myself as Mama slipped another diamond necklace over my head. I was getting tired of being paraded around all the time, Mama showing off how beautiful my scales are, how cool my magic is... [oops, haha, sorry for that lame Icewing pun.] Yes, I'm an Animus. It's true. The Icewings hadn't had an Animus in thousands of years, so I was super important to my tribe. Sorry, straying off topic again... The next day was the party. Mama, Father and I all walked out of our mansion and headed down the street. This was exciting for me too, because I had never gone to a party that Queen Glacier was holding. I was so excited that I almost took off down the street. But I had to be patient of course. Finally after what felt like forever, we arrived. The palace was so much prettier up close, all sparkling and shimmering and stuff. We had been to the palace before, but it still amazed me every time. Then, we arrived in the throne room. Beautiful ice sculptures lined the walls, each one unique and perfect. A large group of dragons mingled over at the buffet tables, speaking in a hushed tone. Icewing musicians played a slow, entrancing melody on their violins. And sitting in the middle of the room, lounging on a glittering icy throne was the queen herself. Mama and Father bowed. I bowed too, copying their posture. "Queen Glacier," Father said greetingly. "Polar," the queen hissed approvingly. "You may rise." We all slowly rose in unision, our wings gracfully swooping back up to our sides. All those years of practicing manners and ettiquite really paid off. The queen clapped twice and all the other dragons came to attention. "Our guests, Owl and Polar, and their daughter Tundra," she announced. The other Icewings came over to greet us. Here I was again. Poor little Tundra the Icewing who was always surrounded by rich dragons, parties, and expensive jewelry. As usual, Mama was showing me off. Great. "This is my dear daughter, Tundra," she said, "isn't she gorgeous?" The dragons swarmed around me, admiring my wings and my scales and jewelry. "What a beautiful dragonet!" One Icewing exclaimed. Yup, this is what my life was like. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore... As the day shifted into evening, the conversations segued from talking about me, to talking about other more important things. "Finally," I muttered to myself as I made a bee line straight for the buffet tables. I was sick and tired of everyone fawning all over me and my magic. I seriously needed some alone time. All sorts of mouthwatering food lined the tables. Polar bear meat drizzled with pine tree sap, fish stew, whale blubber served with honey sauce... The possibilities were endless. Living in the arctic sure was nice. I grabbed a platter of fish and whale blubber and hid under the table. The sky blue tablecloth almost touched the floor, so I was pretty well hidden. I folded my wings to my sides and started munching away. Mmm, I was so hungry. Finally I had the chance to be alone and enjoy this pure, utter bliss. But not for long. My tail must have been sticking out or something, because my mother lifted the edge of the tablecloth and saw me. "Tundra," she scolded, "you aren't supposed to be under there! It's not proper." I set down the tray and looked down at my talons guiltily. "But I never get any time alone," I huffed. Mama sighed and pulled me out. "Why can't I do anything without you being there 24/7 ?!" I snapped. "Don't make a scene," Owl hissed. I wriggled free from her grip and said, "I'm not! But why can't I do anything by myself? Can't I even be alone for one minute???" My mother quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching. "We're going to leave if you keep this up," she said. "Fine!" I shouted a little too loudly. "See if I care!" The room fell silent. Everyone was staring at me. "Tundra," Mama snarled, "now look what you've done... Be quiet, we're going home." I stepped back, my talons clenched angrily. "Well you can go home then!!!" I yelled. "What do I care ab—about parties a—and jewels?!?" I ripped off my necklaces and threw them to the floor. "I'm tired of being your precious little sapphire that you can parade around town with, showing me off without thinking that I want to DO something in life!!! Like I'm some feelingless lowly worm!!! And how you abuse my powers to kill dragons in the war!! I don't want to live like that!!! I—I know that you love me, deep down in—inside, and you're only trying to protect me by keeping me with you all the time. But... but why don't you let me make my own desicions in life?" After a minute in complete silence, I flew off, crying. "Wait! Tundra, come back!" Owl shouted after me. But I didn't listen, I just kept on flying.

Chapter 2

My Hero

My hero Hearthstone 1 is actually a book character from Magnus Chase And The Gods of Asgard. He's a fantasy elf who is deaf and does rune magic. Yay. I'm not sure what more to write... I'll write a really cool story someday though...

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