Freudian slippers

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Equipment of Godville
Freudian slippers
a Freudian slipper
Worn 👖Legs
Durability 72
Description a fluid piece of footwear

The Freudian slippers are a brand of liquid footwear designed to walk through a stream of consciousness.

General Information

This rubber slippers were made specifically to drift on the subconscious. Their fluid metaphorical consistence allow the wearer to slide peacefully from one thought to another like it was a leaf in the water.

As well as thoughts, the Freudian slippets can dtift on almost any other surface, powered by a heroine's introspective traction. This piece of equipement can prove really useful to those few who can keep a clear mind.

Use carefully, the exploration of one's mind may result in regrettable accidents such as calling the barmaid mom or confessing horrible deeds to fellow heroines. Also watch out for accidental slips out of your mind. Falling off a cliff or into a road is not unheard of and is certainly undesirable.