Fortune Seller

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Monsters of Godville
Fortune Seller
Mercans fortuna
"Do you feel lucky punk?"
Habitat shady alleys and under counters
Description Unknown

The Fortune Seller (Mercans fortuna) is a dealer of destiny.

We make our own luck

Is our fate sealed? Is there a destiny for us? If there was, where is it writ? Given the chance, would you write me a check to change it?

Such are the lies of a Fortune Seller, the worse kind of swindler on the face of Godville. This monsters wander around towns, selling trinkets to poor gullible folks. They will assure you that those worthless items are able to change your destiny, but obviously the Great Random doesn't care for "blessed" stones or "magic" chicken bones when it decides to give you a stroke.

Therefore, this business constitutes an offence to divine agency, which godvillians take really seriously. Heroines deliver the capital punishment to any Fortune Seller they cross paths with.


  • Tempting offers
  • A smile you want to trust
  • Lifetime offers every week


  • Not used to deliver punches
  • Won't run away without their trinkets
  • No lucky days for them