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Monsters of Godville
Class Hydra
Habitat Manufacturing plants
Description A well preserved reptile

The Formaldehydra is a monster that loves beer, which is pretty tough on any Hero who has just been to the Tavern as it will scent the fresh beer and squish the Hero in one of its several heads in order to get at it.

However, it has been known to spare one or two lucky Heroes who have brought beer with them and have exceptionally hard heads, thus enabling them to keep pace with it without passing out (when, of course, it would eat them anyway, on the general principle of Waste Not, Want Not) Actually, it thinks that saying is pretty lame, as it always wants more beer. It is very difficult indeed to keep pace with the Monster in a drinking contest as it has several heads more than you do, although as the evening progresses, you may not feel that this is the case.

Of course, the more beer it drinks, the more aggressive it gets and the dimmer the Hero's prospects get, too. It is hard to run away since it has more than one head, so drinking is really the only way out.

It is rumoured that one Hero, having consumed a huge quantity of beer with the Monster and fallen foul of it because of some chance remark, was promptly eaten and equally promptly chucked out again, together with a large quantity of beer, but it is probably not wise to rely on this.