Follow the golden brick road and ask the wizard for some brains

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Quests of Godville


Follow the golden brick road and ask the wizard for some brains
Difficulty: 6/10
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Follow the golden brick road and ask the wizard for some brains is an outlandish and utopian quest in which heroes strive to obtain the thing they lack the most, wits.


A weird legend has been circulating around Godville since its inception, the tale of "The Wizard of Oz". Some dare say that this story of a stranded brat and her minions and a treacherous wizard comes not from the lands of Godville, but rather that it was brought here by the gods themselves. Either way, the heroes know (more or less) this fable, especially the part concerning a wish granting wizard. Everyday lots of heroes decide to go and ask the wizard for some brains, it's a long quest since there are not many gold roads in this world, but somehow they find some people who they deem to be "the wizard". This person proceeds to stuff their heads with brains and then send the heroes on their way.

Tips for Completion

  • Singing merry tunes while walking down the gold brick road is almost a tradition for the heroines who attempt this quest. Feet tapping and group dances are also strongly recommended.
  • Find yourself a bunch of fellow champions who travel the same way to find the mighty wizard and their magical city of Oz. Hired swords or alleged guides are usually more interested in robbing than aiding you. Trust only your fellow dimwits.
  • Bring your own booze as the wizard operating you will have none. Brings also some healing supplies as those are scarce too. The knife and brains are the only things granted.


Allegedly your gain is the rational enhancenment itself. But heroines are more concerned about material rewards, which are the coins that bypassers will give you out of pity. Not the most heroic way to earn gold but it'll pay you a night at the pub. And all at all there is no place like home.

Diary entry

!Hero's Diary
The false wizard stuffed my head with brains. How does it work?

Collected by Danuit, Some Atheist's minion. 3300 g.e.