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Monsters of Godville
Inanis quod inanis est
Class Timeless Being
Habitat Between milestones, empty spaces, and just beyond vision
Health Unknown
Description Takes random and chaotic forms

The Fnord (Inanis quod inanis est) is a monster of chaotic nature.


Only the enlightened, or those utterly ignorant enough (such as a hero or heroine), can see the fnord in the empty spaces between milestones. The spaces where they hide are called sticky spots, despite them actually being quite slippery. If one finds themself face to face with a fnord, one may become too if not careful. Anything is possible with the fnord, tread carefully.


  • The fnord travel at the speed of light, yet are unable to win a race
  • The fnord live in the empty space above decimal points
  • The fnord like to disguise themselves as empty pages at the end of books
  • Fnords are the echoes of silence
  • Fnord are the reason why headphones get knotted in the pocket
  • Fnords are that which aren't, that which aren't
  • Fnords feed off of those that don't use their brain (the sole reason heroes and heroines can defeat them)



  • The great random
  • Metaphysics
  • Discord(ianism)
  • If you can't see them, they will nibble on you slowly, over the course of your life


  • Those with extreme ignorance
  • Those with superb knowledge
  • Stray socks in the laundry