Flying Skull

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Monsters of Godville
Flying Skull
Cranius pteromalefactum
Flying Skull.jpg
Class Undead
Habitat Caves, Mountains, Dark Woods.
Description Flying, evil, skeletal component.

The Flying Skull is a monster created by the Evil Genius. These creatures bite hard and their wings contain sharp claws and spikes. They nourish themselves on yoghurt, cheese, milkshakes, and bonemeal.

More Information

One of the few Godville monsters to have flight capability, the Flying Skull (Cranius pteromalefactum) is generally held to have been manufactured by another type of monster in a laboratory somewhere undisclosed. It is also generally considered to be a "failed" experiment, because it cannot truly fly, but rather climbs into coniferous trees and glides at heroes from under cover. Unfortunately, as it possesses no natural predators and it reproduces by some form of biological fission, the growing wild population argues against its status as a failure.

Blame for kindling several unchecked conflagrations has been traced to this menace, and the El Herado City Council has placed a permanent bounty on it after an unfortunate incident that led to an entire year's corn crop being turned into incredibly scorched popcorn. Heroes and heroines are advised to eliminate all examples with extreme prejudice, due to the Flying Skull landing at the top of the Godville Invasive Species Trackers' (GIST's) "List of Malignantly Invasive Species."



  • Sharp claws, spikes and teeth.
  • Shoots fireballs through eyes.
  • "Nobody ever looks up."


  • Scared of acid.