Flirt with disaster

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Quests of Godville


Flirt with disaster

Flirt with disaster is a mini-quest where the hero/ine must arrange and attend a date with a disastrous entity such as the four horseman of the apocalypse, or any other serious wrongdoer for what it's worth.


Once upon a time, the heroes of Godville decided that it was a good idea to send their minions to flirt with danger, i.e. getting acquainted with the forces of destruction. The standard procedure to do so is engaging in a date with said forces, the core of the quest is to arrange said date and attend it, thus engaging with disaster, which is assured in the vicinity of entities such as dragons or criminals. This creatures are not used to receive such attention and usually after the mayhem they caused (wanton, arsonism or worse) they usually leave a bag of lovely bones laying around for the hero to find, which is their way of thanking them for such an entertaining evening.