Flask of living water

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Artifacts of Godville
Flask of living water
Type 💊Healing
Description Unknown

The Flask of living water is a healing artifact. The title is accurate in every way; this water is alive.

Most wizards make a living out of creating and selling it. This benevolent water has great healing properties and is one of the most commonly used healing artifacts. The flasks can be bought in any decently stocked shop and most nomad traders also sell the stuff. The water may sometimes also be used as a weapon as it is fatally poisonous to many monsters. However, as of recently, there have been many demonstrations against drinking living water. The number of protesters is rising and it is only a matter of time before 'living water rights' are thought up, and drinking it is prohibited. When this time comes, and it surely will soon, thousands of wizards will be made redundant and so the quest to create a non-living alternative with the same properties is under way. One thing is certain: whoever succeeds and patents such a creation will become rich beyond their wildest dreams.