First Pantheon of Progress

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First Pantheon of Progress
Motto: Quiet please!
Alignment: Whatever
Gold Fund: 44,000 c.u.
Membership Count: More than 1
Pantheon of unity Rank: Number 1 on 11/2/2011! Take that Ni sayers!
Guild Page: First Pantheon of Progress 
Data current as of Yesterday
The best guild I have ever been in! [1]

The First Pantheon of Progress is one of the truly great guilds[2]. No, really, it is. It just doesn't like to shout about it. Or really mention it at all. Or much else for that matter. There just isn't another guild quite like this one. No, Sir. Join now and be part of the greatness.


One of the oldest guilds in Godville[3], the reason for its formation is now lost in the mists of time as are most of the founders[4]. There are rumors, however, that they[5] may have been fans of Progress, especially as implemented in the game of ProgressQuest. Whatever the truth, we're here now, so you might as well join us.

Join Us!

How to Join (and stay joined!)

To convince your hero to join us you must send this command:

Join the "First Pantheon of Progress" guild.

To maximize the chances that your hero will listen to you:

  • Your hero must be level 12 or higher.
  • Your hero should be on the road, not in town.
  • Your hero should be idle, not fighting a monster.
  • Do not cancel your current quest before sending the command.

The cancel your quest command is only used if your hero is already in the guild but foolishly accepts a quest to join another guild! Cancelling may be done in town or when idle. Your hero will wait at least 10 days before trying that foolish stunt again. Once you reach the rank of Cardinal (~4 months) they stop trying to leave (as long as you check in once every couple weeks).

Some things you might like to do

  • Number 1 - Send invites to other Guild members. See the Great and the Good list below if you are stuck who to add.
  • Number 2 - Post on the forum. But only if you have something amusing or informative to say. Posts copied from the diary without comment or "I beat so and so in the arena aren't they pants" are dull and clutter up an already busy[6] forum.
  • Number 3 - See Rule 3

The Great and the Good [7]

As an extra benefit of membership, your name will be added here when you prove your undying loyalty to out wonderful guild by finishing your Temple, becoming a Pet Trainer or reaching the rank of Cardinal. The sharp eyed will notice that the lists are alphabetical by God name and imply no rank or seniority.[8]

Temple Owners

Pet Trainers

The Loyal

God Rank
GodAapl365   and his hero Aapl365 Patriarch
GodActionj60  and his hero MaximusAwesomus Hierarch
GodBob Almighty  and his hero San Pollo Patriarch
GodDarby1012  and his hero Chris1012 Cardinal
GodDarookan  and his hero Overrated Regent
GodEchocore  and his heroine Tsubaki Regent
GodEhustician  and his hero BigBlue Regent
GodEl Tocino  and his hero Tarcisius Patriarch
GodElyria  and her heroine Yelena Godling Hierarch
GodErethism  and his hero Cronous Patriarch
GodEricvent  and his hero Ericvent Patriarch
GodFloyd The Barber  and his hero Shabadoo Prophet
GodGordon Taylor  and his hero Taylorin Gregorias Regent
GodGreen Day  and his hero Saint Jimmy Patriarch
GodHgschmie  and his hero Generic Hierarch
GodIrismak  and her heroine Icy-icy Patriarch
GodKmiffy  and her hero Alfonse Patriarch
GodLalalogic  and her heroine Eris Patriarch
GodMarije  and her hero Capelin Patriarch
GodMattbc   and his hero Pxan Regent
GodNuemenor   and her hero Vimes Patriarch
GodOnebitpaw  and his hero Chraz Patriarch
GodOutpostomega5  and his hero Outpost Searcher Cardinal
GodPutamen  and his heroine Septus Hierarch
GodRogue0311  and his hero RogueGrunt Patriarch
GodRosie  and her hero Diablo Patriarch
GodRuB1X   and his hero Bonehead Regent
GodSaoiganlocht   and her hero Captain Kirk Regent
GodSeghal   and his hero Abelech Regent
GodSeven  and his hero Mini-seven Regent
GodSontag   and his hero Mahmood Zia Patriarch
GodSource of the thing  and his hero Source of the thing Cardinal
GodStevenski  and his hero Reptilian Patriarch
GodSuperSloth   and his hero McMuphin Patriarch
GodSvetlana  and her hero Masik Patriarch
GodVenus Bobo   and her hero Holy Shxx Patriarch
GodViznak   and his hero Farthington Humple Patriarch
GodWizard Of Oz  and his hero Hanshedgehog Prophet
GodZoose   and his hero Robby Patriarch

The Chronicles of the First Pantheon of Progress

To follow, when something happens.

  1. An anonymous member. Who has most likely only been in one guild.
  2. Probably untrue.
  3. Possibly untrue.
  4. Which is another way of saying that I don't know why it was created and can't think anything up.
  5. The founders, that is.
  6. Possibly untrue.
  7. Last updated 1 November 2011.
  8. I have a tenuous grasp of the alphabet, so things might be slightly out.