Fire Hydra

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Fire Hydra
Hydrus ignis
fire hydra.jpg
Strong Monster
Class Hydrus
Habitat Not far enough according to heroines
Description Can be quite hot-headed

The Fire Hydra (Hydrus ignis), sometimes known as the "dragon of infinite heads" is an immense demonic looking creature.

Opening the mouth triggers a large amount of fire, spreading up to 68ft far with the power to knock over a house and burning it at the same time. In the adult phase (growing up to 30ft), the Fire Hydra is an eight-headed beast of Greek mythology. When each head is removed, two new ones take its place.

The Fire Hydra is not to be taken lightly! The scales are as hard as steel, which makes it difficult for your hero to cut. If you want to succeed in slaying this beast, you must know the weak spot! This weak spot will be difficult to reach! I can assure you that! The weak spot of this demonic looking creature is located under his stomach, in the top left hand side. This is where the heart of the beast is located.

Now understand this, considering that it doesn't have wings and can't lift itself up, your going to have to do that yourself. So next time you see this dragon, if you want a lot of XP and a 80 percent chance of death, then go ahead! But if not, just run away!!

There is only one other way to kill it. You must use fire power, such as a cannon would work. If you don't have a cannon, good luck killing it!!!!!!!



  • Can breathe a powerful jet of fire
  • Is over 30ft tall
  • Every time its heads gets cut off, two new heads will appear
  • Fiery Snot Rockets.


  • Heart near its underbelly
  • Firetrucks
  • Cannons
  • Suffers terribly from Tonsillitis. Knocks back Paracetamol by the handful...footful....pawful....whatever.
  • Rolaids.
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