Find where angels fear to tread

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I'm not stepping in that...

Find where angels fear to tread is the second mini-quest on the road to fighting the Ancient Demon.

Your Hero will be sorely tested on the quest, that's for sure. This is a nasty one.

In order to progress in this mini-quest, your Hero needs to find the most noxious places know to mankind.

An Angel knows little fear but does have a heightened sense of smell and also has a strong desire to keep its patent leather shoes clean.

Suggested places for searching are...

  • The vile and filthy slaughterhouses of Bumchester
  • Any alley behind any pub in Godville
  • The privy out the back of the Hamlet at Beerburgh
  • The last battlefield our Hero attended
  • The wholesale cow yard at Tradeburg, full of very nervous cows

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Help an angel earn its wingsAngel’s feather (bold) →
  2. Find where angels fear to treadInvite to hell (bold) →
  3. Calculate a snowball’s chance in hellWet pants (regular) →
  4. Die another day – segue to boss →