Find the key that opens the caps lock

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Quests of Godville


Find the key that opens the caps lock
The lock.jpg
Do you hear the screams?

In this quest you will open the mighty caps lock, where the yelling beasts dwell.


The caps are a legendary race of creatures. They're known to scream their assigned phoneme out of their lungs up until their last breath. That's why people says that someone is "all caps" when they're screaming, e.g. 'he was calling the kids for lunch all caps'.

For good and obvious reasons the caps were confined into a hulking mound in the middle of nowhere, chained to a stone pillar and kept away from the world by the mighty caps lock. This is a door that only the proper key will open, for it has no hinges to break nor a lock to pick. The magic that keeps it shut will only fade if dispersed with the key to the caps lock.

The mound seen from the outside.

General Information

The heroines who are dared to open the caps will have to find the key first and foremost. Not much can be done but to ask for a copy of the key to everyone you cross paths with and eventually one will fall on your hands. All that's left to do is travelling to the caps lock. Once there just ready yourself for the the appalling screams of the caps. Most heroines will hurt badly and leave after a minute which is the bare minimum to complete this quest. Others try to go the extra mile and get a new record to write beside the door.

Tips for Completion

  • Bring earplugs, for the same reason that you would bring suntan if you went to sunbathe near a sun.
  • Scream too, the caps will enjoy it and so will your ears.
  • Post your mark, it'll make you feel this reckless enterprise was less of a negative experience.


Winning this wager will earn you a hefty prize of gold coins. Maybe some impressed folks will reward with something else but what you'll certainly get out of this quest is a hearing loss that will last as long as your current body. On the bright side you'll get quite an impressive tale for pubs and guild meetings.