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Quests of Godville
Find the %monster%

Find the %monster% is a special mini-quest that can only be started by using a %monster% identikit, which is a reward from the daily Know Your Monster newspaper game. [1]


The mini-quest will usually occupy the heroine less than half an hour before completion. But upon completion, this mini-quest will always end by a fight against a Boss Monster.


The Boss Monster of this mini-quest will be the same monster as the one giving it's name to the %monster% identikit.

This means that exceptionnaly, the Boss-Monster could be a monster which is usually a regular or strong monster. [2]

There is also a possibility that the daily monster would be an actual Boss-Monster, in that case it's possible for it's level to be different than it's usually one. [3]

Those Boss Monster still drop Boss parts which can allow to create unusual Boss Monsters (such as a Frog of War one).

The Boss will have a random amount of abilities, from 0 to 2, and each deity will fight a boss with differents abilities.


Find the Frog of War

!Hero's Diary
13:26 A colorful Frog of War identikit fell from the sky. Thanks Luminous One, I got it, but I won't volunteer to search for it.
!Hero's Diary
13:27 I was looking for my Frog of War identikit in my inventory when I suddenly realized that I've got to find the Frog of War real quick. Let's go!
!Hero's Diary
13:40 Aha, a Frog of War! A decent ending for my quest!! [4]

Find the Adminotaur

!Hero's Diary
09:04 The Adminotaur doesn't want me to find the Adminotaur! To arms!
!Hero's Diary
09:13 Notes from the battlefield: The Adminotaur was used up for gold and experience! Time to return to my heroic deeds.[5]