Find out what the Tooth Fairy is doing with all those teeth

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Quests of Godville


Find out what the Tooth Fairy is doing with all those teeth
Difficulty: 7/10
Frustrated Tooth Fairy

This quest is moderately difficult because your hero will have to find a hero who still believes in the tooth fairy in order to be able to be successful in starting this quest. Once he or she has done so, they must be able to avoid detection while following her to her lair to determine what she is actually doing with all those teeth.

Your hero will need to befriend a low-level newbie who is still cutting teeth, and wait until one or two of them becomes loose. Lots of patience will be required as your hero will have to await the loss of this tooth out of the mouth of the hero before the tooth fairy will actually arrive. If the newbie should lose the tooth literally, the hero will have to be more creative in getting the fairy to come than usual and will find some fairies are more forgiving about this rule than others.

Your hero will then need to follow the fairy without being seen or detected in order to progress any further in this quest. Once at the lair of the fairy, your hero will need once again to be patient and watch to see what the fairy actually does with the teeth she has collected. Once your hero logs his or her findings into their diary, the quest is completed.

Your hero will take approximately eight to twelve hours to complete this quest, depending on their ability to stay awake when sleepy combined with the time they accepted this quest.

Tips Sleeping heroes are less likely to resist your taking their tooth from them.