Find out how many quests there are

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Quests of Godville


Find out how many quests there are

!Hero's Diary
11:04 PM The quest master suggested I take my time to find out how many quests there are, as it's more epic that way. I always knew my laziness would pay off.
!Hero's Diary
10:12 PM Done. And just in time, as I just got word that my mother is in the hospital with extreme back pain. A heroine's work is never done, but my quest to step on every crack in the road between Godville and Deville certainly is! This golden brick is a nice reward for such a thankless job.
!Hero's Diary
09:10 AM Asked a handsome boy in town what would impress him. He replied: “It would only impress me if you step on every crack in the road between Godville and Deville.” Off I go!