Find a word that rhymes with purple

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Quests of Godville


Find a word that rhymes with purple
Difficulty: 4/10

This quest usually begins at a local tavern with a desperate plea from a stymied bard struggling to find a rhyme for his beloved's eye-color (or the shade of her marvelously revealing bodice).

Because most heroes are not especially bright, they'll believe the bard's seemingly earnest promises to reward them with massive quantities of gold and immortalize their heroic deeds in song. Neither is likely to happen, although your hero may earn some token of appreciation for finding an especially good rhyme.

As "purple" is one of the more difficult words to rhyme, this quest may take some time to complete. The good news is, once your champion does discover the answer to this quest, he is unlikely to waste his time on a mission from a bard again... or, at least, not until his next bender at the local tavern.