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Final Chronos
Final Chronos.jpg
Motto: Die Zeit soll erobert werden!
Alignment: Peaceful
Date Founded: 4th June 2014
Membership Count: Around 75-85 members
Pantheon of unity Rank: 213 (changes vary)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 68 (changes vary)
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 83 (changes vary)
Forum Headquarters: Final Chronos
Guild Page: Final Chronos 
Data current as of 31st December 2014



It all began before the birth of the universe... no, wait. There's no recollection of memory about that. On his collection of his 800th brick, Juice Tin felt that it was his time to shine as a guild leader. Before the creation of this guild, he did shine... about 24 times which is coincidentally equivalent to the number of times he died. After several shots of charged projectiles colliding with his money pouch, Juice Tin went back to Godville , waiting for his next mission. As soon as he was about to embark on an epic journey, a voiced boomed from the skies and this was what the being wanted to convey, "Go forth and gather signatures in order to create a guild. This organisation shall go under the name 'Final Chronos',". After hearing the same command countless of times, Juice Tin gave in and went on to making Final Chronos an official guild. It is still unknown as to why Juice Tin had to venture to the areas outside of Godville when the quest clearly stated, "Gather signatures in Godville to make Final Chronos an official guild,". Roughly about 72 hours later, Juice Tin entered the gates of Godville with his clothes torn and his head dented(Worry not. It always happens). Final Chronos was now recognized as a legitimate guild in Godville and rest awaited for the hero who made it possible.

New Recruits

With flyers and brochures stacked on one arm, Juice Tin headed to the bazaar or more commonly known as the Forums later that afternoon. This was because he knew that it would be packed with heroes and heroines from all walks of life. Feeling hopeful, Juice Tin distributed pamphlets about his new-found guild and elaborated on the perks of being a member of Final Chronos. Few paid attention while familiar faces gave a pat on his shoulder and could only seem to say, "Good luck. You'll need it,". After a long hour of wasted effort, Juice Tin decided to call it a day and before resting, he made it so that his guild would be on 'Wanted' posters. Little did he know that it would only attract the strict officers of the esteemed guild of Ankh-Morpork City Watch...

Feeling refreshed and determined once again, Juice Tin set off into the deeper areas of the bazaar where sly traders and gullible heroes gather to talk business. Never has this vicinity fail to contribute to noise pollution. As Juice Tin walked towards the walls of traders' shops with one hand carrying the super glue and the other; his posters, he heard a heroine exclaiming a lexicon of colourful words and pondered the shamelessness women nowadays seem to possess. Upon his first target, he uncovered the steel plate of the can of super glue. With a swish and a thud, the icky substance covered part of the wall followed by the slam of his poster against the strong foundation of the bricks. The same scene repeated until his fifth destination. Upon his arrival at a shop which was owned by a certain trader with a grudge, his redundant actions were put into motion. Unfortunately for Juice Tin, his klutz personality activated without warning, causing him to trip on his own foot splattering the gooey liquid towards the entrance of the shop. It was just bad timing because the instant the glue left its container, the owner of the shop walked out of the door. The result was none other than a sticky situation... literally. Not giving a care about how much trouble he was in for, Juice Tin loudly proclaimed, "I now bestow upon you the title 'The Sticky Salesman;!" and a turquoise bar with the words 'The Sticky Salesman' suddenly appeared, floating above the trader's head.

Officers nearby who were from the AMCW guild rushed to the area as if they could almost sense that there was a chaotic event taking place. Juice Tin now back to his senses, decided to make a run for it before the members could give chase. He was to make sure this pursuit ended before it even begun and by the mercy of The Great Random, it did. Panting and trying to catch his breath, Juice Tin looked at his surroundings and realized that he was in the slums. The back alleys where forgotten heroes are tossed aside from society. Though somewhat senile, the abandoned ones were pretty much harmless. Juice Tin could hear the voices of the authorities giving commands, still hot on his trail. So, he decided to wait for them to give up but they were persistent. Three hours past and Juice Tin finally decided that it was safe to let his guard down. Walking away from the traders' area as fast as possible, he sensed that he was being followed and indeed, his instincts were right. When Juice Tin had finally reached the Forums, he turned around with full force and pointed at the two figures that were following him. Juice Tin asked loudly, "Who art thou that thou shalt follow me from the pits of the tricksters? Be thou friend or foe?" The hooded figures started to panic due to the sudden outburst. They timidly replied, "W-w-we are neither foes nor rivals. We just want t-t-to join your guild," Puzzled at first, Juice Tin then leaps continuously with euphoria for a solid minute. After some ice-breaking and the recruitment test, a short speech was given about the guidelines to being a member of Final Chronos. The two heroes were Kazix and Heavenly Potato whose gods were Blueberryjam and Winged Boar, respectively.

The Active(somewhat) Esteemed Members

The day after Final Chronos gained two members, three more members enrolled into the guild. The members now were:

  • Juice Tin, founder of the guild (GodClannad )
  • Kazix, he whose goddess is a condiment (GodBlueberryjam ) (Has left the guild on his own free will)
  • Heavenly Potato, a weird name bestowed by a flying pig (GodWinged Boar ) (Has left the guild on his own free will)
  • Alexander Zephyr, the hero who worships a feline lover (GodNekomancer ) (Has left guild on his own free will)
  • Cheap Imitation, a hero who mimics the antics of Juice Tin (GodBackup Account ) (Has left the guild on his own free will)
  • Kurogane1, the best friend of Juice Tin (GodRazorfay )
  • Keleicea, the idiotic disciple who makes her goddess cringe with his doings (GodMiracelle )

The Time Gear

A few days after the opening of his guild, the membership count and popularity of the guild began to grow. This made Juice Tin attain a sense of contentment. During one of his journeys, the guild leader stumbled upon an artifact. It emitted a turquoise glow and possessed an azure blue. Not knowing what it was, he chucked it into his backpack and a split second later, he lost consciousness and had a vision. Smoke began to accumulate in front of him and when it stopped, a figure was conjured. A boy no older than 18 years old, slightly shorter than him began explaining the function of the artifact. Apparently, the artifact is known as a Time Gear and there are supposedly only three in all of the existing realms. It is said that the Time Gear wields the power of time manipulation and is an important device in mantaining the balance of the space-time continuum. Having found the gear, the finder gains the two abilities held within the Time Gear. However, the Time Gear can donate these powers to different people to the extent of an unlimited amount and will not be derived of its strengths. Since then, Juice Tin has been using the Time Gear to share these abilities with those who have just joined the guild of Final Chronos.

Impresion of a Time Gear

Space-time Continuum:HQ of Final Chronos

This tunnel of time has always existed since the creation of the universe. It has now become the official headquarters of the Final Chronos guild. Portals can be summoned by Final Chronos members whenever they want to head to the HQ. Non-members must first request consentment from the leader before paying a visit. A word from the founder:

Friendly warning. WHEN IN THE HQ, BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE WALLS OF THE CONTINUUM. It will only result into your body parts getting thinly sliced across different eras of both civilization and pre-civilization.

Final Chronos's guild entrance


As a guild which consists of both good and evil heroes and heroines alike, a grand entrance and a presence which power is that of ten thousand elites is required. And what better way for an epic impression than having music which suits the situation? Being one of the more powerful beings in the universe, it is essential that one wields an aura of authority and respect. Here's what you've all been waiting for! (All soundtrack used are not owned by me. Credit goes to respective composers.)

  • Arrival of the Epic (Chronal entrance theme) - [1]
  • Vanquishers of Injustice (Chronal theme) - [2]
  • To Arms! (Chronal battle theme) - [3]
  • Dark Descent (Oblivion arrival theme) - [4]
  • Annihilation (Oblivion theme) - [5]
  • Distortion (Oblivion battle theme) - [6]
  • Final Chronos (Final Chronos's main theme) -[7]

The Chronological Beast

Legend has it that this creature was once a Lounge Lizard defeated by Kurogane1 not long after his enrollment into the guild. The beast was not defeated but made fatigue as there was sympathy in Kurogane1. Already having a pet, Kurogane thought long and hard about it or rather asking his pet Hyper Lynx, the hero decided to bring it back to the guild headquarters. The other guild members did not notice the Lounge Lizard as they were always going in and out of the gates of Godville, engrossed with the quests they were asked to complete. Kurogane1, on the other hand would return to the HQ often to nurse the reptile back to health. What Kurogane was unaware of was that the Lounge Lizard was fully revitalized. However, nothing escapes Clannad for he is omnipresent. The god could not tolerate the scaly being's antics. On one of the nights where the HQ was left empty, Clannad summoned the Lounge Lizard and gave a good lecture to the couch potato. Unfortunately, the Lounge Lizard arrogantly turned his head away and scoffed but it only managed to anger Clannad further. The deity thought that having a mascot would be a good idea to promote his guild so, he casted a spell of metamorphosis, converting the monster into a sauropod-like beast. After the drastic change, the title, Lounge Lizard no longer befitted the creature. The creature,now fully transformed was of dark blue and possessed grey metallic portions, such as its chestplate, which has a diamond in the center. It also has various light blue stripes. It has a fin-like structure on its back and a crest on its head, resembling a dinosaur. Dialga also has two horns on top of its head, two fang-like horns around its mouth, three spines on the back of its neck, long claws, and a short tail.

Stammering,"W-W-WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?", the creature looked at itself now standing 5.4 metres. "I merely changed your appearance. Now,to wipe out your memories..." Before the beast could reply, Clannad let loose a blinding light, a flash if you might, enveloping the once reptilic creature and its vicinity. Once the wave died down, the deep blue figure stood there, dumbfounded asking,"WHO ARE THOU? WHO AM I?" Now with a smirk, Clannad elaborated, "You are the mascot of the Final Chronos guild. I have bestowed upon you the power of time manipulation and time travel. However, your abilities have a certain threshold and you are to obey the guild members' commands. Everything else will come naturally. You are also required to assist the guild members in any battle, duel or war. Now, your new name shall be Dialga,".


Dialga is a sauropod-like beast. It's body colour is dark blue and possesses grey metallic portions, such as its chestplate, which has a diamond in the center. It also has various light blue stripes. It has a fin-like structure on its back and a crest on its head, resembling a dinosaur. Dialga also has two horns on top of its head, two fang-like horns around its mouth, three spines on the back of its neck, long claws, and a short tail.

Dialga as perceived by Clannad


As mentioned above, Dialga is able to to control the flow of time and travel through different eras, both pre-civilization and civilization. It does this via the wing-like structure on its rear. As Clannad's war hound, it is a fierce beast whose malicious intentions know no end when angered. Although this temporal being is known to launch a large variety of powerful projectiles, its signature move is called the Roar of Time. This attack is devastating as it is an indigo shockwave-like beam released from Dialga's mouth which warps the target through at least ten different eras while causing collateral damage towards the enemy in terms of body, soul and mind. The target is never the same as it is rendered paralysed, gaining long-term amnesia and having half of its life energy drained. Dialga then absorbs the energy in order to mantain its strength and its outwardly appearance.

Roar of Time


Normal Form

This is what Dialga normally looks like. Pretty intimidating, huh?

Dialga (Normal form)

Primal Dialga

When Dialga senses that it is on the verge of losing, it travels to the space-time continuum to absorb the time flow around it. As a result, time is stopped of its normal flow which results in the world turning it into a monochrome one. Primal Dialga has the body shape of a normal Dialga but the color scheme is different. The blue color in its body is changed to dark navy blue, the "streamers" are recolored to orange and the diamond in the chest is altered from blue to a cherry shade red which is a sign of its berserk and savage state. At this stage, Dialga's power is boosted thousandfold and almost anything in its way is obliterated. However, Primal Dialga is still able to take orders from its masters but if it is under instructions for too long, it will turn against its masters and start a conflict between allies. The downside of this state that Dialga is derived of its energy and will travel to a dimension of its own. It envelops itself in a sphere and falls into a deep slumber once it reverts back to its original state. The process can take up to a millennium but can be shortened when five members focuses their powers in speeding up time.

Primal Dialga on a rampage

Human Form

Although rarely seen, Dialga possesses the ability to change into a human. This is so that it is easier to communicate with the guild members rather than shouting all the time(No pun intended). The human form of Dialga is portrayed as a girl(Yes, a female. Don't ask why.) who looks no taller than 160cm and has long, silky navy blue hair. She is light-skinned and is seen to equip herself with lightweight pieces of armour, such as a headgear, a breastplate, shoulder blades, arm pads and waist attachments, all coloured with grey and light blue stripes. The diamond which is usually at Dialga's chestplate has turned into an azure blue and her irises are of a hazel brown. The rest of her threads are coloured dark blue and laced with light blue stripes just as her armours is. Dialga also wields a staff which is the medium used in time manipulation and time travel when she is in human form.

Human Dialga

NOTE: Heroes must be level 12 or older to join. To do so, copy-paste Join the "Final Chronos" guild. Exact spelling is important.