Feathered Boa Constrictor

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Monsters of Godville
Feathered Boa Constrictor
Description Unknown

A Feathered Boa Constrictor is just that. It's a Boa Constrictor with feathers. The monster is known to give heroes random gifts and auras when it meets them. Of course, the hero has to be a member of the Guild whose the Feathered Boa Constrictor is the Totem Monster of.

Any monster does that with the members of its Guild though. So what makes the Feathered Boa Constrictor different? It's a snake. It's a really powerful snake. It is a symbol of shrewdness, malice, and for some, even evil. But it's also a symbol of Might. With feathers. That's why it's hard for anyone to kill it. Those feathers. They aren't for show. And you'd think that these feathers are tiny, as would befit a snake, but no. These feathers a big. Really big. They also made the Monster really lazy though. Instead of slithering to where it wants to go, it usually uses its feathers to move around. Therefore it's also a symbol of Laziness.

At the time of writing this article, the Feathered Boa Constrictor is the Totem Monster of the great and ancient guild of Slytherin. And fittingly so.

And of course, you can trust this article as much as you'd trust a Pigeon for buying Stocks, but that doesn't mean this article can't be telling the truth.