Farce of Nature

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Monsters of Godville
Farce of Nature
Chlorophyta ridiculum
Class Phylum Chlorophyta
Habitat Forests, Swamps, Right behind you!
Death Rattle My bark is worse than my bite!
Description similar to a shrubbery

Farce of nature (Chlorophyta ridiculum) describes those monsters who disguise themselves as trees or shrubberies and attack heroes from behind. Their aim is to surprise the hero and deal damage, then freeze and pretend that it wasn't really them at all.

Note that fire can easily kill them and that hot weather will cause them to wilt and sag, especially if denied a cold beer.



  • Can appear as Merchandiser and make money
  • Always has the first attack
  • Their armor is strong as bark and immune to most melee weapon damage


  • Flammable
  • Can be distracted by money
  • Prone to wilting in hot weather.
Behind you, behind you…